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Frequently Asked Questions -1

Why Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts to pursue education in acting? Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts takes limited number of students in each batch. The faculties at RTFPA pay individual attention to each student in order to achieve set objectives. There is one-to-one interaction with students. Students are equipped with special coaching. The coaching is conducted with the view of offering students a platform to show their potential. This rarely happenes in any other institute. There are coaching facilitates to enhance their skills.

Why does Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts offer a four-month course whereas most of the other institutes offer a three-month course?
Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts is dedicated to teaching. The film school believes that four months are not enough to train an actor. An actor needs to experience a lot, which is why four-month is less time to shape him/her.

The film school designed the course of four months that serves the need to become an actor. The course equips students with ample insights on the art of acting.

Is it possible to learn acting in four-month?
Every student possesses talent with respect to different realms. A teacher/guide can only nurture and nourish it. It is common knowledge that many big actors have spent years to acquire mastery over their art. The art of acting can be learnt through extensive practice, dedication and discipline. Some inborn actors perform a given role very well. However, they also need guidance and coaching in performing particular role. Therefore, one needs to nurture his/her caliber to become an actor. As far as a course of four months is concerned, it is possible to sharpen acting skills in this time duration.

Does a course in acting ensure one to get into film and television industry?
An actor requires a stage to unfold his/her hidden talent. Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts has been associated with prominent film and television production houses. The film school makes the opportunities available to students with industrious references. The film school recommends students to auditions to various production houses.

Does one need to learn all the subjects given on the course curriculum page?
Yes, every student needs to learn all the subjects given on the course curriculum page, as it is mandatory. Some of these subjects are designed to serve the fundamental elements of acting. These subjects include fundamental aspects of acting, which are very important to build. Else, one may not become a good actor.

These subjects incorporate acting elements like action, fights, dance, dialogue delivery, etc., which are prerequisites of the film and television industry. Therefore, it is very important to learn all the subjects as mentioned on the course curriculum page.

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