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Mrs. Mithika Taneja (Diction, Movement)
Mrs. Mithika Taneja completed diploma in Cinema from Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. Mrs. Taneja has been an active part of the film institution and acting course. She has been working there to develop student's fundamentals in acting. Mrs. Taneja conducts spot and diction classes. She is widely regarded as very experienced and devoted teacher. She is quite accustomed to teaching and she knows how students learn.

A number of students from various places in India come to join the institute. Students, who do not have Hindi as their mother tongue, find difficult to pronounce Hindi words. Keeping this in mind, Mrs. Taneja takes practical exercises to develop their Hindi accent, tone, intonation, etc. With the help of this exercise, students get to know minutes in the language and its correct usage.

Mr. Raja Sevak (Subjective Study, Action Problem, Scene)
Mr. Raja Sevak is a Fabrication Engineer from Surat. However, he is interested in acting. He has been working on the stage since his childhood. He completed a course in acting in 1998 from Actors Studio. He is very talented in acting. Mr. Taneja noticed his talent as he offered him faculty position in Actors Studio.

He has been working with the Actors Studio for a long time. His experience has brought him into teaching. Students are benefited from his teaching. He finds student's potential and works upon to develop his/her skills required from acting. He has tremendous experience in teaching. Mr. Sevak teaches students voice, action problem, scenes, etc. Apart form his teaching; he is a very good classical singer. He possesses extensive knowledge of filmmaking and other subjects related to cinema. His in-depth knowledge makes others to get impressed. He is one of the best faculties at Actors Studio.

Mr. Saurabh Pathak (Sense Memory, Imagination, Scene)
Mr. Saurabh Pathak completed Bachelors in Commerce from Indore. He successfully completed acting course from Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts. He contributed a lot to the Marathi theatre. He was an active part of Marathi cinema. He acted in a play where he played more than 30 characters successfully. He is the youngest instructor in the Roshan Taneja Foundation for Performing Arts.

He facilitates students in learning acting and helps them to develop their skills. He makes students feel at ease while teaching. He pays individual attention to every student. Mr. Saurabh Pathak is very experienced and dedicated faculty at the institute. He employs innovative and creative ideas in his teaching, which helps students to grasp subject knowledge easily. The list of other faculties is given below.

  • Mr. Bhupendra sir (Yoga for Actors)
  • Mr. Rajiv Kumar (Action)
  • Mr. Krishna Master (Bollywood Dance)
  • Mr. Harish Magan (Concentration, Voice, Marks)

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