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RKFMA - Events

The production of TV shows has been undertaken by R K Films and Media Academy. The intention behind taking TV production is to provide opportunities to students in the realm of acting, singing, modeling and dancing. It is done with the intention of giving public exposure to the hidden skills of students. The connoisseur actor, Mr. Mukesh Khanna, inaugurated the production of the programme in the month of December 2006. This programme was started in April 2007 on Shakti TV.

Mr. Mukesh Khanna invited students in his office in Mumbai to play roles in the programmes of his production house. Mr. Khannna gave an opportunity to the academy students to explore their hidden talent. His programme was telecast on national channel Doordarshan. Students who completed their training received certificates by Mukesh Khanna. The actor has spent his precious time interacting with academy students and participants of the ‘Talent Show'.

The R K Films and Media Academy organizes various programmes throughout the academic year. Various celebrities visit the film institute and share their knowledge with students. The famous actor, Mr. Pravin Kumar, who played well-known Bheem character in the most admired Mahabharat, a TV serial on Doordarshan has visited the film school. The actor interacted with students. He shared his experience with students. The academy students asked him questions on the subject of film and television and his experience in the same. Pravin Kumar has shared his knowledge and experience during his shootings. He guided students and gave some tips on how to play a better role.

RKFMA has a consultancy division. The aim of this division is to provide production materials to production houses and other organizations. The consultancy division also endows with end-to-end solutions required in setting up studios for audio and video and sound setup auditorium for colleges, schools and so forth. RKFAM also provides technical support. The services of RKFAM consultancy division are given as follows.

  • Obtain equipments of video, lights and sound as per the size and scale of the company.
  • Train the manpower in accordance with their levels and functions such as editorials, post-production, studio production, outdoor broadcast, field production, etc.
  • Provide floor planning, studio styling and set designing, sound proofing and acousting.
  • Offer well skilled technical staff, crew members for best implementation of the programme.
  • Corporate shoots and videos, production of films, commercial films and ad films, jingles and spots for radio and TV, music video and undertaking projects, etc.

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