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RKFMA - Actors Repertory

p> R K Films & Media Academy has an Actors Repertory. The Repertory consists of multicultural group of well trained, talented and dedicated young artists of theatre backgrounds. The Actors Repertory includes actors of various age groups and from different backgrounds in New Delhi. The objective of the Actors Repertory is to enhance students' basic skills so they will perform well in any programme. The Repertory attempts to find inventive approaches to the organization. It boasts of excellent education in the field of film and television.

The film academy organizes programmes like seminars and workshop with the view of providing an opportunity to students to hear prominent actors, directors, producers, etc. This programme helps student to hone fundamental skills which are useful in their respective field. Every student participates in the programme earnestly. These famous artists share their experience and discuss about performances with students. Students are benefited from this kind of seminars and they can make better career in the field of acting and drama. This helps students to know more about important areas of acting and directing for that matter.

Mostly, the Actors Repertory includes students and performers who have burning desire towards theater arts. R K Films and Media Academy invites application for participation in the various programmes. Artists who have experience in related fields and would like to share their knowledge are cordially invited to host programmes. The purpose of inviting prominent artists is to boost the confidence of its talents and help them to become competent in the field of film and television.

In order to meet global requirements, RKFMA endows with good scholastic, pedagogical and practical curriculum to its nascent professionals. Since first performance measures student's potential in the fascinating world like bollywood, the film institute puts emphasis on making brilliant entry of every student. The faculty of RKFMA has clear goals in education which help them to implement it in right direction.

RKFMA Advisors & Consultants

  • Raju Khan (Make-up Artist)
  • Ravi Sharma (Editor)
  • G. D. Maithy (Cinematographer)
  • Meena Gokuldas (Dubbing Artist)
  • Nandini (Dubbing Artist)
  • Jaidev Bhattacharya (Art Director)
  • Panni Chatterji (Dubbing Artist)
  • Kamal Bishwas (Fashion Photographer)
  • Bhanu Pratap (Art Director)
  • Dharmesh Tiwari (Director & Actor)
  • Nissar Khan (Stunt Director)
  • Naveen Arora (Editor)
  • S. Pappu (Director & Editor)
  • Rana Jaiswal (Director & Editor)
  • Ranu Kapoor (Choreographer)
  • Ram Devan (Choreographer)
  • Kumar Bhanushali (Film & TV Artist)
  • Ashok Sharma (Cinematographer)

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