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Direction and Scriptwriting

Ramanaidu Film School offers a Post Graduate Diploma Course in Direction and Scriptwriting. The course curriculum includes almost all aspects of filmmaking. The course provides students insights of direction and scriptwriting. Students get a thorough understanding of how to direct a film. They are also taught fundamentals of scriptwriting.

The direction course facilitates students to hone leadership qualities, communication skills, professional manners, etc. These skills are very important in the field of filmmaking. However, the direction course lays emphasis on direction strategies. Students learn documentary filmmaking, music, video production, etc.

It is very important to learn how to deal with people. A good director always gets the best performance from his/her crewmembers be it actors, music director, cinematographer, editor, costumer designer, etc. Students are taught creative and technical aspects of filmmaking.

The film school organizes workshops and seminars where well-known working professionals are invited to interact with students. With the help of workshops, students are made aware of current scenario of the film and television industry. These experts share their working experience and guide students accordingly.

The course in Direction and Scriptwriting begins with a combined curriculum on film directing and screenwriting. Subsequently, the course equips students with other aspects of filmmaking which are very important to become a good film director. The course curriculum includes theoretical as well as practical exercises. Students are given hands-on experience in the process of filmmaking.

The aim of the course is to enhance student's conceptual, creative, organizational and technical skills. With the help of this course, students would be trained to deal with every issue related to filmmaking. Students learn how to generate innovative ideas and organize them into the fine cinematic form to create his/her personality in the realm of filmmaking.

Course Structure for Post Graduate Diploma Course in Direction and Scriptwriting is given below.


  • Film History
  • Film Direction Advanced
  • Film Direction Basics
  • Principles of Editing
  • Film Aesthetics
  • Screenplay Writing Basics
  • Principles of Cinematography
  • Screenplay Writing Advanced
  • Sound Recording & Sound Design
  • Television Production
  • Marketing & Publicity
  • Indian Cinema
  • Production Management
  • Principles of Production Design & Art Direction

The film school organizes various workshops throughout the academic year. The prominent working professionals from the film and television industry are invited to guide students. These skilled professionals demonstrate elements of filmmaking and teach students techniques of directing a film. Students are required to attend the programme, as it is compulsory for everyone.

Practical Exercises
Practical exercises are mandatory for every student. Students are taught theoretical subjects followed by practical exercises. These practical exercises include production work, class work where students have to complete the projects of assessment. Ramanaidu Film School lays emphasis on students all round development. The film school not only produces directors but also complete filmmakers. Every student needs to design projects. The projects include:

  • Scene exercise
  • Continuity exercise
  • Documentary exercise
  • Thesis screenplay
  • Song picturisation exercise
  • Thesis film
  • Storytelling with static images

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