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Ramanaidu Film School offers a course in Cinematography. Students learn cinematography by practice and not theory. However, theory can be applied to the practical exercises. The course is well built and designed with the intention of imparting high standard education.

The responsibility of a cinematographer is to shoot a desired scene with a motion picture camera. A good cinematographer has to achieve artistic and technical decisions related to image. A cinematographer has to work with:

  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Editors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Animators
  • Music Directors
  • Actors
One should possess all round knowledge of filmmaking to become a perfect cinematographer. A cinematographer has to be very creative, expert in technical tools, conceptual and excellent photographer. Therefore, the film school equips students with advanced cameras.

A cinematographer is said to be the eye of a director. He/she has to shoot a scene as desired by a director. In short, a cinematographer has to visualize what a director intends. Hence, the job of a cinematographer is very exciting and challenging. A director of photography or cinematographer should possess an array of techniques that could create his/her own style of shooting a particular scene. Keeping in mind such goals, the film school designed a unique course to impart extensive training in cinematography.

The course curriculum for cinematography is designed with a view of equipping students with a spectrum of cinematography techniques. The emergence of latest technology has maximized the horizon of cinematography. The course attempts to cover and all these technologies by way of offering students practical exercises. The course structure is given below.

Course Structure


  • Screenwriting Basics
  • Television Production
  • Cinematography Basics
  • Film Direction Basics
  • Principles of Editing
  • Film Aesthetics
  • Cinematography Advanced (I)
  • Cinematography Advanced (II)
  • Cinematography Advanced (III)
  • Film History
  • Production Management
  • Indian Cinema
  • Publicity Design
  • Sound Recording & Sound Design
  • Principles of Production Design & Art Direction

Ramanaidu Film School organizes various seminars, workshops and training sessions. Students avail the opportunity by participating in the programmes. These workshops are conduced throughout the year. The renowned working professionals are invited to share their valuable knowledge with students. With the help of workshops, students get to know more about their respective field. The workshops explore technical aspects of cinematography. It is mandatory for every student to attend the programme.

Practical Exercises
Students are given practical exercises in advanced technology. They need to create project and submit it to the concerned department. Practical exercises and projects are given to students with the view of enhancing their fundamental skills required for filmmaking. It is compulsory for every student to participate in practical exercises. The list of projects is given as follows.

  • Thesis film
  • Continuity exercise
  • Scene exercise
  • Documentary exercise
  • Song picturisation exercise
  • Storytelling with static images

Admission Criteria
Students must have completed degree from any recognized university or have proven ability of making a shot film or three years experience in the same field. There is no age bar.

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