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NUJS - Library

The University Central Library is located in the center of the campus. The library has good reading room which covers 758 sq. meters of floor space. There are 400 seats in the reading hall. NUJS library has an array of over 14,000 titles and more than 5,000 volumes of bound periodicals. In addition to this, there is collection of electronics materials in CD-ROMs and legal databases which provides online access through major legal platform comprising:

  • SCC
  • Grand Jurix
  • Westalw
  • Heinonline
  • Manupatra
  • Lexis Nexis

NUJS library has also the complete set of:

  • Law Quarterly Review
  • Harvard Law Review
  • Antitrust Law Journal
  • Public Law
  • Yearbook of Commercial Arbitration
  • Yale Journal

Since research is very important component of any academics programme, the university provides all kinds of support in teaching and researching. At present NUJS library subscribes to almost 124 journals including first-rate international publications journal of:

  • World Trade
  • Economist & Time
  • International Legal Materials
  • American Journal of International Law

NUJS library has a complete set of All India Reports 1920 onwards, All England Law Reports from 1558 to till the date, Fleet Street Reports, US Supreme Court Report and other remarkable collections. NUJS library has donations from many prominent personalities and organizations.

NUJS library has internet facilities for its students. The university is wi-fi enabled where students can access internet anywhere in the campus. There are 21 machines which have internet connectivity and allow students and faculties to access the internet and online databases on their respective computers/laptops. Besides the central library, there are particular collections held at the various schools and centers of studies for students. NUJS library holds institutional membership with the American Information Resource Center and British Council. With the help of this membership, students can access their collections and databases. This facility helps students to be in touch with global legal issues. This makes them aware of the world wide matters related to their respective field. NUJS also has facilities such as printing, photocopying, etc within the campus.

NUJS Accommodation

There are separate halls for both boys and girls. NUJS hostels have good mess managed by a mess committee consisting of students. There is a common hall which consists of dining area, Television and other required facilities. The Chief Warden of the Halls of Residence is the Registrar of the University. In addition to this, girls' hostel has one resident warden and boys' hostel has two residence wardens. The hostel is being observed and maintained by the Campus Supervisor of the university.

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