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NUALS - Infrastructure

The Government of Kerala formed this university by amalgamating the former National Institute for Advanced Legal Studies which was founded and managed by the Bar Council of Kerala and Bar Council of Kerala Trust as well. NIALS was an approved center of Cochin University of Science and Technology and was affiliated to that university.

The Government of Kerala has prearranged 10 acres of land on lease to the university. This new campus is under construction and will be the everlasting campus for this university. It is said that the Head Quarter of the university will be relocated to the new campus very soon.

NUALS has a good library. There is ample collection of books. It is the center of knowledge. Every student utilizes it to study well. It is the soul of the institute to impart quality legal education. It has been an inseparable part of academic venture in the institution. Since college library includes a colossal collection of books on diverse topics of law, it has a key role in curriculum and teaching methods of the law school. There are many journals, magazines, books on law subjects. The library also has latest collection of books and journals.

NUALS also has a better computer section with broadband internet facility for students. The computer wing is meant to be utilized by students. With the help of internet a students can acquire knowledge in law that he/she wants. Students can be in contact with many scholars in law field by means of visiting social network such as facebook, twitter and so forth. The practice of computer and internet makes them perfect in browsing and necessary computer usage. Students feel good when they are introduced with new technology and they get knowledge through computer.

There is a good canteen in the campus. It is the place where students discuss various topics freely; they have fun while eating. The university has decentralized its work by allotting it different sections. As a result there are various committees which perform their tasks under the guidance of teachers. In addition, there is moot court society, legal aid clinic, law and society forum, law and economic forum, debate and seminar forum, etc which have been guided by respective authority.

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