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NUALS - Extra-Curricular Activities

In view of the fact that the profession of a lawyer is all about arguing and debating, the university has a Moot Court Society to serve the purpose. Every year the society organizes moot court competition where students take part very enthusiastically. This competition gives students an utmost prospect to study how to work on the job effectively. The reason why the moot court competition held is to accelerate their passion and canalize his/her thoughts into action by means of winning debating awards in the competition.

The college has a legal aid clinic, law and economic forum, debate and seminar forum and law and society forum too. All These forums carry out their task under the guidance of respected teachers who deem in the all round development of students. Slide projectors and O.H.P. are being made available for students in the classrooms.

Almost certainly NUALS is one of the rare institutions which have been organizing campus interview since its very first batch. The institution has a committee called Standing Committee. This committee includes students and a faculty advisor who have been in contact in law firms and other organizations in respect of finding suitable placement for the students. many students have got selected in the campus interviews. They have been offered a position in leading firms such as ICICI, Lakshmi Kumaran & Sreedharan, Majmudar & Co., etc.

As NUALS has been crossed the threshold of Memorandum of Understanding MoU with international universities akin to University of Paris-X, Nanterre France with the aim to exchange faculty, students and research yield too. The agreement of MoU has been signed between Dr. S.G. Bhat, Vice-Chancellor in lieu of NUALS and Prof. Oliver Audeoud, President, University of Nanterre. Adding together, an MoU is at discussion level between NUALS and Albert Ludwig University, Freiburg. In addition, Monash University Churchill, Australia, has signed a MoU with NUALS with the purpose of exchanging students and faculty.

There are a number of opportunities for students to get employment overseas. NUALS looks forward to getting its students placed abroad. This is why every student feels proud of being selected for legal courses at the university. NUALS is one of the most preferred universities.

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