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NSD – Courses Details

The course comprise of two semesters in a year. The candidates to be trained in the first semester in: physical exercises and movements, speech and music, voice control and humming, improvisations, concentration and acting techniques (both mime and lingual), craft making, theatrical drawing, elementary knowledge of lighting, history of theatre architecture and conventions, autobiographical writings (Indian and Non-Indian writings including poetry, short story, films, etc.) history of painting and looking at civilization through the medium of paintings, yoga, voice, breathing exercises, pitch and volume control of vocal cords, observation, sketching, carpentry, design, make-up, modern Indian and world drama, aesthetics of art. These all are the basic performance techniques and skills.

Once the first semester is over the candidates are required to take second semester. They will be given training in second semester in: scene work and rehearsals, text and speech analysis, improvisations, concentration and acting techniques (mime and lingual), adaptations, and observation. Modern Indian drama (study of regional language theatre in India) aesthetic of art, world drama (Greek Theatre) history of painting. Basic technical skills in mask-making, history of theatre architecture, costume design, carpentry, model making, concepts and methods of scene design and fighting.

After completing first year the students will be given specialization in acting. It will comprise of acting for farce including clowing routine, scene work (on Shakespearean play), movement of music, acting for Shakespearean text (speak prose and verse, performance on open stage), mask work and commedia del’art (comedy in art), speech. The students are required to study history of Indian theatre and non-Indian theatre along with added inputs on Indian folk text and their adaptations. The candidates are required to produce play which will later be performed before the public.

Subsequently in the third year, that is final year of three years programme, the students will be given advance training. This training comprises of acting, design and theatre techniques which will be given through a series of workshop. The workshop will be conducted by prominent theatre practitioners. Puppetry, realistic acting, advance lighting techniques, gag routines and mask making, computer application in theatre design, scenic design, etc to be included in this workshop.

Generally, the class time is from 8.00am to 6.00pm but the students may have to stay late in the evening for rehearsals and practical work. Besides this, they may require attending the practical classes on holidays as per the requirement.

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