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Paper Based Test

The drawing aptitude test is paper based test of two hours. The test includes two questions and one question has two sub questions. This test mainly measures sense of perspective drawing, creating interesting two dimensional compositions using given forms and shapes, capability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in visually appealing manner, composing and combining given 3D elements to form a structural or building form, drawing and visualizing the effect of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings, creating visual harmony using colours in given composition.

Computer Based Test

The aesthetic sensitivity test is computer based test of one hour. The test includes 40 multiple choice questions. This test mainly measures imagination and observation, communication with architectural awareness, perception, visualizing 3D objects from two dimensional drawings, visualizing different sides of 3D object, mental ability, analytical reasoning, architecture awareness, imaginative comprehension and expression.


The scoring in the paper based test or drawing test is depend on the candidate’s performance. The test scoring basically is on the candidate’s sensitivity to colours and their composition, drawing, imagination and observation skills. In memory of drawing, the candidate’s sense of proportion and perspective is evaluated. The candidates can score well by answering given questions within the given limit of time.

In computer based test, the candidates’ score is to be depending on answering the questions within given time limit. In this computer based test if the candidate has answered the question he/she will be given next question, which will be of difficult level. But in case, the candidate does not perform well and has given wrong answer he/she will be given less difficult question. Therefore, computer selects question based on the candidates’ performance. Thus, this method is called Preceding Question Method.

The final score totally depends on average difficulty level of all questions and of those questions which are answered correctly.

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