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Mindscreen Film Institute

Rajiv Menon established Mindscreen Film Institute. Mr. Menon is a prominent cinematographer and filmmaker in the film and television industry. The film institute draws upon years of experience of the director, Rajiv Menon. The aim of MFI is to impart quality education in the field of film and television. The film institute offers a number of courses in filmmaking.

Mindscreen also provides film equipments to the filmmakers. Mindscreen has been in business for more than twenty years and equips the entertainment industry with Ziess ultraprime lenses, grip equipments, Arriflex 435, Hawk anamorphic, etc. Mindscreen offers other facilities to its clients, including Jimmy jib cranes, Panther Dolly, flicker free HMI lights, a collection of Tungsten, generator trucks and so forth.

The Film Institute offers well-designed and modified courses. These courses help students to understand the concept of filmmaking thoroughly. The course curriculum incorporates theoretical and practical exercises. The film school organizes workshops and training programmes. The aim of these programmes is to hone students' fundamental skills that will be required for filmmaking. Many prominent cinematographers have trained under Rajiv Menon. These professional cinematographers include:

  • Ratnavelu
  • Rajasekhar
  • Gautam Menon
  • Ravi K. Chandran

Mindscreen, the film institute for cinematography became functional in July, 2006. The institute aims at providing students training in theoretical and operational aspects of filmmaking. However, the special focus is on cinematography using advanced technology. Students are given practical exercises to enhance their fundamental skills required for cinematography. The film school has a dedicated faculty, which helps students to grow into expert cinematographers.

Mindscreen Film Institute is a good arena to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking. The film institute lays due emphasis on cinematography. MFI offers a course in cinematography, which is highly reputed in the film industry. After completing the course, students get into the film and television industry as cinematographers with no difficulty.


  • The Film Institute offers international standards professional education, where students learn about basics of filmmaking.
  • The Film Institute lays emphasis on specialized areas of producing a creative film. The film institute not only produces cinematographers, but also filmmakers.
  • The Film Institute has produced many students who made their mark in the film industry. Their alumni have been working in different areas of the entertainment industry.
Mindscreen Film Institute imparts quality education in the country. The aim of MFI is to make students aware of all aspects of filmmaking. The film institute encourages students to become good filmmakers.

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