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Guest Faculty

Ramesh Kumar - Cinematographer
Mr. Kumar graduated in cinematography from Film and Television Institute of Tamil Nadu. He received Best Cinematography Award for his debut film, Oomai Vizhigal in 1986. It is Oomai Vizhigal, where the Cinemascope format is used for the first time and later on, it became an inseparable part of filmmaking. Mr. Kumar has introduced creative visual impact into the film and television industry.

Ramesh Kumar's notable work includes Uzhavan Magan (1987), which is widely known for its cliffhanger bullock cart race. The race was shown as if it was a spectacular chariot race from Ben Hur (1959). This outstanding performance of Ramesh Kumar has led him to become Director of Photography for the film. During the film, his responsibilities were to develop eight cinemascope cameras, which was a new method for the film industry.

His very first film in Kannada, Independence Day is widely respected for its astonishing visual effects. Mr. Kumar worked hard to produce creative visual effects for the film. He interacted with a prominent art director, Sabu Cyril to produce the innovative film. The art director helped Ramesh Kumar in the construction of miniatures. The Hong Kong based software technicians assisted Mr. Kumar to give the final touches. Mr. Kumar also contributed to Sunny Deol starred film, Indian. He is known for his impressive performance for this film.

Mr. Kumar has over three hundred films to his credit as a cinematographer, of which more than fifty films he has choreographed as well as directed. As a highly appreciated technician, Mr. Kumar is the only Indian cinematographer who has conducted a workshop under the sponsorship of the Kodak Film Company. Mr. Kumar's work is widely appreciated by many prominent filmmakers. He is in great demand in the film and television industry.

Sushant Alexander - Film Director
Having completed Civil Engineering, to everyone's surprise, he got into the advertising business. Sushant Alexander's notable works include:

  • Nexus Equity (Bates)
  • Trikaya Grey (Grey Worldwide)
  • ELF
  • Interface & Stark
  • Sundrop
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Himachal Tourism
  • Kerala Tourism
  • Birla White Cement
  • (Bombay Stock Exchange)
  • Raymond Shirting
  • Anchor Health & Beauty Care
  • Linuxense Information Systems
  • Provogue Fashion
Mr.Alexander gave up his position as the Creative Group Head of Delhi's advertising agency and became a filmmaker. He also contributed as an Assistant Director to the documentary titled 'Directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan'. He learnt the fundamentals of filmmaking during his documentary work. The documentary was screened at the Mumbai International Film Festival in 2006.

Sushant Alexander went to Prague in Oct 2005, to study films. He completed a diploma film, Estranged Love. The film was screened at national and international film festivals including Hyderabad International, FILCA and Mumbai International FICTS Festival. Currently, Sushant Alexander plays various roles in the process of filmmaking such as writer, director, photographer, music videos and shorts, etc. His debut video art installation, Pulse, was exhibited at the most celebrated Gallery-Signs 2009-The Indian Festival of Features and Non-Features.

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