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Mindscreen Film Institute offers a six-month course in cinematography. Students who are interested in the course need to apply in the prescribed application format. Students need to have an undergraduate degree in arts or science. However, students who have finished 10+2 with at least three years experience in film industry/photography can also apply.

The six-month course in cinematography incorporates the following subjects;

  • Film & Lab
  • Electronic Cinematography
  • Film Production & Teamwork
  • Photography Optics
  • Study of Movie and Still Cameras
  • Exposure and Lighting
  • Editing and Screenplay
  • Elements of Film Direction
  • Production Design

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Approximately, forty. special feature films shall be screened for watching and discussion
  • Approximately, forty practical exercises including lighting practice, operation of video and movie cameras shall be organized
  • Project work includes storytelling using stills, videos and production of short film using movie film and 35mm motion picture camera
  • Field visits including visits to moving picture laboratory, film shooting spots and digital intermediate lab

Screenwriting and Filmmaking
Mindscreen Film Institute offers a six-month course in screenwriting and filmmaking. The course is designed with the intention of providing students the fullest information on writing and filmmaking. The course helps students to get into the film and television industry with no difficulty.

The screenwriting and filmmaking course is a vocational programme. The programme aims at producing students who will be good assistant directors. The course curriculum not only encompasses theoretical subjects but also practical exercises. Students learn and understand storytelling. Students are given ample hands-on experience in actor direction and character development. Students are taught how to come up with creative ideas within a dramatic framework and its application to scriptwriting, story structure, dialogue, etc. The academic term commences from February and ends in July. The filmmaking course covers following subjects;


  • Making a Business Plan
  • Producers & Distributors
  • Films as Business
  • Aesthetics & Authorship

  • Philosophy & Film
  • Indian vs. Western Aesthetics
  • Psychoanalysis
  • History of Cinema
  • Production

  • Camera & Sound Essentials
  • From Screenplay to Shooting Script
  • Project Management
  • Continuity
  • Preproduction

  • Scene Preparation
  • Directing and Acting & Actors
  • Scouting Locations
  • Production Design
  • Scripting

  • Dialogue
  • Cinematic Description
  • Redrafting Processes
  • Formatting with Final Draft & Movie Magic
  • Scene Analysis
  • Writing

  • Aim of storytelling
  • Story Types: Epic form and Mythology
  • Technicalities of story telling
  • Story Structure
  • Story and Character
  • Postproduction

  • From First Assembly to Fine Cut
  • Fundamentals of Editing
  • Working with Music
  • Screenplay development

  • Character Arc
  • Story Outline
  • Step Outline
  • Story Types: Epic form and Mythology
  • Plot & Subplots

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