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Course Requirements

Mindsceen Film Institute offers six month courses in various disciplines of film and television. Students who wish to take admission should have passion for filmmaking. They must have decided to build their careers in the entertainment industry. Students should be good at communication. They should know how to put their ideas and thoughts across to the audiences, effectively. Students should possess the ability to absorb and respond to information quickly.

How to Apply
Prospective students are required to submit a book report of a modern novel, which is chosen by the film institute. The aim of book report is to assess students' ability in:

  • Identifying major themes
  • Summarizing the story
  • Finding plot devices
  • Spotting characters

The Mindscreen Film Institute chooses an international film for the prospective students. These students are required to submit a film report based on an international film chosen by the institute. The prospective students need to discuss its points of originality, put the film in the context of its genre and understand its formulaic aspects.

The prospective students are also required to submit a character portrait of a living being. They need to choose a subject, which is an example of:

  • A farm worker
  • A traffic police officer
  • A shopkeeper
  • A teashop owner
  • An auto-rickshaw driver

The prospective students are required to interview a person, whom they have never met before. During this project, students' responsibility is to guess their subject's history, beliefs and personality and then write a character portfolio and submit it to the concerned department. The aim of this exercise is to assess students' ability of storytelling, logical thinking and developing a character. This exercise helps students to enhance the fundamental skills required for a film project.

Students need to go through the interview for admission to the course. They are required to write a short story of about 500 words based on newspaper clippings they are provided with. The purpose of the test is to assess students' grasping power, their ability to write a story, developing a character and produce a creative project.

MFI ' Facilities
As Mindscreen is an integrated film production company, it has good infrastructure for successfully delivering theoretical and practical exercises. Mindscreen is situated in the Alwarpet suburb of Chennai. The film institute is well equipped with all the required advanced technology. It has facilities including:

  • Movie Cameras
  • Arri 435 Advanced & Arri III
  • Professional Video Cameras
  • Professional Still and Digital Cameras
  • Complete range of lenses
    • Ultra Prime, Hawk, Kowa set of lenses
  • Lights
    • HMIs, PAR, Kino Flos & other ranges
  • Crane, Dolly
    • Jimmy Jib, Panther
  • Gensets
  • Sound recording
  • Studio
  • Editing suites
  • Grip items

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