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Course in Screenwriting

A script is called the skeleton of a film. It is not possible to make a film without a script. Therefore, script plays an important role in the process of filmmaking. Mindscreen Film Institute offers a course in Screenwriting. The course aims at providing students quality education in writing. The course curriculum includes theoretical as well as practical subjects. The course is well designed and modified with the purpose of imparting high levels of education in screenplay writing.

The duration of this screenwriting course is six months. The course adds ample value to students' creativity. The course in screenplay writing helps students to become good writers. Today, the film industry needs creative writers. Therefore, students have many opportunities to carve their careers in the entertainment industry.

The film institute organizes workshops and training programmes where prominent filmmakers are invited. These working professionals help students to become good writers. They interact with students and share their experience. They teach students several of tricks of writing. Students learn how to develop a character; they also learn how to maintain a logical flow in the script.

Students are taught theories and its application to live projects. They are given training in screenwriting. With the help of training, students are able to apply theory into practice. They incorporate all the screenplay elements in their script. After completing the course, students get into film and television industry with no difficulty.

MFI - Sushant Alexander - Film Director
Upon completing Civil Engineering, he moved into advertising. He is one of the prominent businesspersons in the field of advertisement. He has worked for a number of brands including:

  • Interface & Stark
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Trikaya Grey
  • Sundrop, Birla White Cement
  • Anchor Health & Beauty Care
  • Kerala Tourism
  • Nexus Equity
  • ELF
  • Linuxense Information Systems
  • Raymond Shirting
  • Provogue Fashion
  • Himachal Tourism
He resigned as Creative Group Head from a well-known company in Delhi to become a film producer. He started his career in filmmaking by accepting a job as an assistant director in the documentary titled 'Directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan'. The film was shown in Mumbai International Film Festival. He wanted to study further; therefore, he went to Prague to study films. He completed his diploma in Film by making the film, Estranged Love. His very first video art installation, 'Pulse' was exhibited at Gallery-Signs, The Indian Festival of Feature and Non-features.

As a lecturer at MFI, he puts emphasis on practical exercises. The aim of practical exercises is to reinforce students' fundamental skills required for filmmaking. He stresses on students' all round development. Students are not only taught about cinematography but also filmmaking.

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