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Alphonse Roy, Cinematographer

Alphonse Roy is guest lecturer at Mindscreen Film Institute. He is one of the most renowned creative photographers in the film industry. He is known for wildlife photography. He has been in the photography field for over two decades. During this tenure, he encountered various kinds of wild hazardous animals including elephants, furious tigers, tumbling monkeys, etc. Mr. Roy believes that if you want to arrest a natural photo, then you cannot be afraid of dangers from animals. Just go forward and click the photo.

Alphonse Roy spent some time in Dzanga Sangha Reserve in the Central African Republic to shoot an American film 'Oka Amerikee' directed by Lavinia Currier. The film was based on the famous book 'Last Thoughts before Vanishing' written by Louis Sarno. Mr. Roy accepted the offer as cinematographer for the film because he wanted to work with Oscar-winning director of photography, Conrad Hall Jr.

Mr. Roy shares his experience as cinematographer for the film. He claims that it was very challenging to shoot wildlife. He spent many days for the shooting of chosen scenes with heavy camera, Panavision. Entering the forest is adventurous work, he said, they had to face an unrestrained elephant that was about to hit them. Mr. Roy has tremendous experience of the creative photography. He relates his experience in cinematography.

The word 'adventure' is synonymous to Mr. Roy. He contributed a number of films and documentaries. He spent years in wildlife photography. He is well versed in taking creative photographs of animals. His outstanding contribution to wild photography has made him a good cinematographer. Therefore, he is widely known for his creative photography.

Mr. Roy traveled across the world and spent almost seventeen years doing photography. His association with tigers moved him to establish himself as an expert photographer. He saw how animals, especially tigers, live in the jungle. He experienced the way of life of naughty cubs in comparison to gracious one. He spent hours in the jungle examining their behaviour. He arrested wild animals in his camera effectively. Mr. Roy has contributed to various films and documentaries of which some of notable works include:

  • Film on tiger conservation with Fiona Bruce of BBC (presenter for the Planet Earth Conservation series produced by BBC Bristol)
  • Tiger by Night for BBC Natural History Channel (shot in the Bandhavgarh Forest)
  • Kingdom of Cobra (for BBC Natural World)
  • Pride of India”, a one-hour film on Gir lions for BBC Natural History unit
  • 'Journey into Amazonia' for PBS America, 'Elephant Mountain' and 'Temple Tiger' for Living Eden series &
  • Camera operator and presenter of the programme 'The Great Cats of India' (a Discovery-Animal Planet co-production)
  • Three films for National Geographic on Columbia, Mongolia & Mizoram
  • 'Once in a Lifetime Journey' for Reader's Digest America
  • Camera operator for a feature length documentary on AIDS directed by Rory Kennedy, a grand daughter of John F. Kennedy
  • A film on Kumbh Mela for National Geographic

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