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Why MATS Law School ?

MATS law school has introduced teaching interlaced with current issues including national, international and comparative law perspectives. Its syllabus is based upon multidisciplinary body of social science and scientific facts. The curriculum development consists of:

  • Imparting cavernous understanding of professional ethics.
  • Increasing inventive pedagogic methods
  • Widening the sphere of elective courses
  • Modernizing clinical courses
  • Mainstreaming legal aid courses.

MATS has expert faculty members who have ample teaching experience in many National Law Schools in the country. The evaluation methods of MATS law school mostly assess critical reasoning by encouraging required writing, analytical and communication skills. There is end-semester exam which is based on problem-oriented approaches. Projects papers, moot court exercises, subject viva and project with an end-semester exam shall be pedagogic methods intended for improving quality.

The MATS law school puts emphasis on developing a solemn culture of research, which consists of:

  • emphasizing on analytical writing skills and research methodology as one of the essential aspects of the LL.B. Programme.
  • Creating exceptional infrastructure (including availability of computers along with internet, research library facilities and digitization of case law.)
  • Allowing access to most recent journals and legal databases available worldwide.
  • Rationalizing the teaching consignment to leave faculty members sufficient time for research.
  • Institutionalizing episodic faculty seminars
  • Circulating excellence peer-reviewed journals

The MATS law school believes in building international standard law school. The law school gives quality education in the field of law. MATS offers excellence education which incorporates international and comparative perspectives with required understanding of domestic law. Therefore, MATS has taken initiative to impart such international standard perspectives which consist of:

  • Building and enhancing associations and enterprise with prominent foreign universities
  • Discovering new ways of evolving international curricula which is to be taught jointly by an international faculty by way of video conferencing and internet modes.
  • Forming global faculty, international programmes and international trade opportunities among students.

MATS law school aims at producing talented, competent professionals in the meadow of law. The intention behind a five-year BBA.LLB. (Honours) is to create lawyers who are experts in dealing with diverse legal systems. MATS law school students are given an opportunity to be trained to specialize in:

  • Comparative Law
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Gender Justice
  • Biomedical Law
  • Bio-ethics
  • International Trade Practices
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Environmental Law
  • Space Law
  • International Advocacy

During their stay in the law school, students acquire general knowledge of British, American and European Union legal system besides working knowledge of official languages of the United Nations such as French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, etc. The law School puts every possible effort to make available a global platform for its students.

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