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MATS - Hostel Facilities

Hostels are built to offer a convivial accommodation where students, guests can live by paying required amount of rent. Every hostel differs from college to college with regards to its facilities. Hostel has rooms which may be single, shared or double shared. These rooms are well equipped with every possible comfort. This arrangement facilitates students to concentrate on their study which leads to obtain good marks in their respective course.

The MATS has a motto which goes ‘Preparing for life'. Indeed, it's quite true as education and stay go hand in hand on the law college campus. The law school is bound to give all required facilities to its students in the hostel. The law school has a committee which takes care of everything in the hostel. Its staff is well trained, motivated, enthusiastic and above all committed to care for its students in every respect. The hostel runs comprehensive proficiency programmes and they take care of supporting all its students' talent and help them to nurture it. The hostel committee tries to offer all kinds of facilities and assists students to flourish their knowledge not only in the field of law but also beyond law.

It's corroboration of MATS that their students have been performing well not only in the vicinity of education but also in sports. MATS students have been participating in diverse assortment of sports, academic and cultural with great success. The parents can be in touch with the help of phone calls and letters. Since it's mandatory for every student to be away form their respective homes at least once in a life to carve their all round personality, the law school provides this opportunity by giving accommodation in the hostel.

Students are expected to follow all rules and regulations which are set by the hostel committee. If any student is found to be guilty, he/she will be given punishment in the form of rejection of their candidature. In this case no recommendation will be accepted in any circumstances. Thus, students ought to make sure that they don't behave in a wrong way which may result into their termination from the hostel. The law school hostel provides every possible freedom to its students so that they can feel at home and live freely.

To enter the hostel, students need to sign a bond to make sure that they will maintain the homely environment in the hostel. The hostel organizes programmes which challenge students' potential to use their technical skills, flexibility, teamwork, and creativity. As for the separate accommodation for boys and girls, the law school has made separate hostels for both, boys and girls. Both the hostels have facilities including:

  • Two wheeler parking
  • First-Aid
  • Common room with TV
  • Newspaper
  • Round O'clock security
  • Air-cooled, peaceful & natural surroundings located in the heart of town
  • Kitchenette
  • Washing Machine
  • Continuous purified normal/cold drinking water
  • Well-furnished rooms

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