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Kerala Press Academy has a library. The library is well equipped with ample collection of books, journals, periodicals, newspapers, etc. The collection of books is updated by purchasing new books from the market. The library has 8, 000 books on diverse subjects of mass communication. Students are encouraged to spend their time in grasping new knowledge.

Students are given all library facilities like computer lab, reading hall, seating facilities, etc. Lately, the library has purchased approximately 196 newspapers and periodicals. The knowledge of mass communication is centered in this library. Students have an excellent opportunity to brush up their knowledge by availing library facilities. The library has ample collection of books including:

Journalism and Mass Communication

  • A Companion to Media Studies, edited by Anghanad N.Valdivia
  • Breaking the big story - great moments in Indian journalism, edited by BG Verghese
  • Communication & Mass Communication - J V Vilanilam
  • Writing for Television - Gerald Kelsey
  • Print & Electronic media - implication for the future - Jitendra Kumar Sharma
  • Training for Journalism - R. Khemchand
  • Ethics of journalism in transition - Jitendra Kumar Sharma
  • Encyclopedia of New Media - edited by Steve Jones
  • Press & Political socialization - Madhusmita Mishra
  • Mass media & Political perceptions - Narendran Nigam
  • Digital Broadcasting Journalism - Jitendra Kumar Sharma
  • New Media & Politics - Edited by Richard Higgins & Barrie Axfora
  • The Indian Media Business - Vanita Kohli
  • The Art & Science of Cinema - Anwar Huda
  • Media Organization & Production - Edited by Simon Cottle
  • The Information Society - an Introduction - Armand Mattelard
  • The Media & Globalization - Teehi Rantanen
  • Broadcast Journalism - Jan R. Hakemulder, Fay AC, DE Jong, P.P.Singh
  • Assessing the state of Web journalism - Shyam Nath
  • Encyclopedic dictionary of Journalism & Mass Communication - R.K.Ravindran

Public Relations and Advertising

  • Marketing Communications - An Integrated Approach, fourth Edition - Jonathan Taylor and P.R.Smith
  • News, Public Relations and Power - edited by Simon Cottle
  • The Public Relations Handbook, Alison T
  • Corporate Governance - P.P. Arya, A.K. Vashil & B.B. Tandon
  • Advertising Basics - A.K.Varghese & J.V.Vilanilam
  • Corporate Communication, A 21st Century Primer - Joseph Fernandez
  • Effective Advertising - Gerard J.Tellis
  • Business Communication - N.Kumar & Amrik Singh Sudan
  • The craft of copywriting - June A Valladares
  • The (Un) Common sense of Advertising, Getting the basics right - Sanjay Tiwari

Computer Lab
The library has well equipped computer lab. The lab has ten machines with broadband internet connectivity and a number of application software related to advertising and journalism.

There are hostel facilities for girls and dormitory facilities for boys. Those who aspire to take admission in this dormitory/hostel ought to submit an application in the prescribed form. The application form has to be submitted at the time of admission.

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