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KIITEE Syllabus for Engineering Mechanics

Unit-I Statistics: Concept of free diagram, methods of moments and solution to engineering problem, condition of equilibrium.

Friction: Parallel forces in a plane, Pappus Guldinus theorems, centre of parallel force, MI of plane figures, perpendicular axis theorem, parallel axis theorem, Polar MI, rigid bodies, principle of virtual work for a single practice, ideal systems and constrained bodies, ladder friction, static friction, problems with friction, force analysis of plane trusses (method of joint, plane frames, method of sections, methods of members), belt friction and screw jack.

Unit-II: Dynamics:

Free vibration, force proportional to displacement, Dí Alembertís principle, application to principle of linear momentum to a single particle, momentum and impulse, rigid bodies and ideal systems, application to principle of angular momentum to a single particle and rotating rigid bodies, principle of conversation of momentum.

Unit-III: Work and Energy: Principle of work and energy for ideal system, conservation of energy.

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