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KIITEE Syllabus for Civil Engineering

Unit-I: Structural Engineering

a. Design of Structure: R.C.C.: Limit State Method of Design- for collapse of singly reinforced members in bending, anchorage and development lengths limit sate method of design for beams, for shear, for bend, footing, axially loaded column and slabs. b. Steel Structure: Design of steel structure for tension and compression members and simple beams.

Unit-II: Water Resource Engineering:

Flow irrigation, regulatory works, diversion headwork’s, cross drainage works, run off, rainfall and water requirements of crops.

Unit-III: Transportation Engineering:

a. Highway Engg. Introduction, road materials, road pavements, road geometric. b. Railway Engg. Introduction, track material, permanent way, geometric of broad gauge, points and crossing. Bridges: Introduction, foundations, approaches and substructure, permanent bridges. Docks and Harbours: Introduction, break waters, harbour, docks, jetties and quays.

Unit-IV: Concrete Technology:

a. Civil Engg Materials: Cement, Mortar and concrete, timber and bricks b. Construction Technology: Stone masonary, foundations, Damp proofing, walls brick masonary, shoring and underpinning. c. Estimating and Construction Management: Calculation of dry materials and analysis of rates, detail estimate. Construction Management: Scheduling, planning, CPM and PERT.

Unit-V: Surveying and Environmental Engineering:

a. Surveying: Modern surveying, Theodolite surveying, leveling, curves, contouring, instruments like EDM and total station. b. Environmental Engg: Water supply: Introduction, Quality of water, distribution system, treatment of water, appurtences, and quantity of water. Sanitary: Introduction, sewage disposal, quantity of sewage, sewage treatment, sewage characteristics.

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