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KIITEE Syllabus for Basic Electrical Engineering

Unit-I: Electronics

Flux density and permittivity, cylindrical and parallel plate condenser, calculation of capacitance of spherical, energy stored in a electric field, Coulomb’s law, potential field and capacitance, electric charge, potential gradient due to spherical cylindrical and plane charges, electric force.

Unit-II: Electromagnetism:

Magnetic field due to current in conductor. Permeability, magnetic field intensity and flux density, B-H curves, magnetomotive force and magnetic reluctance, concept in hystersis, Electrodynamic force: Eddy current, Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, energy stored in a magnetic field, emf induced in a conductor moving in a magnetic field.

Unit-III: D.C. Circuit:

Kirchoff’s law and its application and solve electric circuit by branch and loop current method and nodal method, current distribution in series and parallel circuit, superposition theorem, star-delta conversion, power and energy in electric circuit.

Unit-IV: A.C. Circuit:

Resistance, capacitance, inductance, impedance and admittance-power and power factor series and parallel circuit, star-delta connection-active and reactive power, Q factor-three phase circuit, power measurement with one and two wattmeter method calculation in RLC circuit, in series circuit, production of alternating current- instantaneous, average and rms value of current and voltage, form factor, peak factor, amplitude, phase different, frequency, phasor diagram, addition and subtraction of alternating quantity.

Unit-V: Instrument:

Voltmeter and dynamometer type wattmeter, construction and principle of operation-PMMC, power factor meter, MI and dynamometer type ammeter.

Unit-VI: Illumination: Illumination brightness and luminous efficiency, law of illumination-solid angle, luminous intensity, luminous flux.

Unit-VII: Production Light:

Mercury vapour lamp-theory of electrical energy radiation, filament lamp, electric discharge lamps, Arc lamp, comparison between filament lamp and fluorescent lamp.

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