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Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management

KC College of Management Studies offers Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management. The course is well designed and tailored, which equips students with high standard education in the field of management.

Today, every product/service needs good marketing to increase its sale. Therefore, marketing and sales management are relatively important in the sphere of business. The programme aims at imparting quality education in realm of management. With the help of this course, students learn fundamentals of management. The course helps students to sharpen their managerial skills.

In the field of management, one has to be very active, quick decision maker and above all have the ability to lead a team. The course curriculum is designed in a way that incorporates all the aspects of marketing and sales management. The course curriculum consists of theoretical and practical exercises. The programme equips students with an in-depth understanding of markets, market oriented organization, marketing decision variables.

Students aspiring to take admission to the course need to have passed 10+2+3 exam from any recognized institution. The course fee is Rs 7, 000. The course outline is given below.

Semester I

  • Advertising Management
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Market Research
  • Consumer Behaviour

Semester II

  • Brand Management
  • International Marketing (Export)
  • Marketing Finance
  • Industry Marketing

Advertising Management
Advertising management is one of the best paths in advertising industry. An advertising manager may work for a media outlet, PR firm, an agency, company, etc. to increase sale of company's product/service.

Sales Management
Every business needs proper management in order to meet the desired target. Sales management is very crucial aspect in the manufacturing industry. Sales management includes efficient and effective training, planning, staffing, controlling and leading industry resources.

Marketing Management
Marketing management is a business discipline that lays emphasis on the practical application of marketing techniques. One of the responsibilities of a marketing manager is to fulfill the demand of customers. The role of marketing manager varies considerably based on corporate culture, industry context and business size.

Market Research
Market research aims at collecting information about markets/customers. It is one of the very essential elements of business strategy. Every organization needs to do marketing research to find out the demand and requirement of customers.

Consumer Behaviour
Consumer behaviour is the study of how, why, when and where a customer purchases or not purchases the product/service. It incorporates elements from sociology, economics, psychology and social anthropology. It studies to understand the decision of buyer.

Brand Management
Brand management is the practical application of marketing techniques to a particular product/brand. It looks for increasing the product's professed value to consumer and in that way increase brand franchise.

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