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Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

KC College of Management Studies offers Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. Students aspiring to get admission to this course need to have passed 10+2+3. The course fee is Rs 7, 000. The course components are well designed to provide quality education in the field of human resource management. Students are taught the importance of management in any firm.

The course incorporates theoretical as well as practical exercises to hone student's skills. After completing the course, students can get into any company as an HR manager. The course equips students with all the required skills. Students learn basic of HR management. They are given thorough understanding of management. Students are given special training to reinforce their knowledge and skills.

After completing the course, students are placed in prominent organizations. The outline of the course is given below.

Semester I

  • Constitution of India and Press Laws
  • Editing
  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Writing
  • Mass Communication
  • Reporting

Semester II

  • Financial Journalism
  • Electronic Media
  • Current Affairs
  • Public Relations

Introduction to Journalism
Journalism is an inseparable part of media communication. In this module, students are given ample information about journalism and its role in mass communication. The emergence of electronic media has broadened the area of journalism. Thus, students can work for print and electronic media as journalists. Students are introduced to the basics of journalism. They are taught all the aspects of it.

Students are given thorough understanding on editing. They are taught how to edit without harming the central idea. Every text needs to be edited in order to achieve perfection in writing. Students are introduced to the tools used in editing. They are taught how to make editing effective. With the help of practical exercises, students master skills required to bring out the editing task.

This module ensures that students acquire all writing skills. This writing module incorporates all the aspects of writing. Students are taught various types of writing like formal and informal writing. They are taught how to write for advertising. Students are given practical exercises to hone their skills required for effective writing.

Mass Communication
Mass communication is a broad term, which comprises of various sources of mass media. Mass communication includes radio, television, magazine, newspaper, film, television, etc. Students are equipped with the basic information about mass communication. They are taught how mass media plays in important role in the development of the society.

Electronic Media
Students are introduced to electronic media. The arrival of television channels has maximized the realm of media. Today, many channels provide live happenings around us. Electronic media has given rebirth to journalism. Earlier, there was print media that may not have been able to reach every corner. Students are taught differences between print and electronic media.

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