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K.C. College of Management Studies has been progressing successfully for some years. Every year a number of candidates appear for test to take admissions. The institute offers an adaptable and flexible change in course curriculum. This makes it easier for the students to acquire knowledge. The flexibility of course curriculum helps students to meet the ever-changing needs of the corporate sectors.

The institute keeps curriculum changing over period. This is why it is possible to include new theoretical concepts and pedagogic styles. This aspect of syllabus helps to expand the stature and marketability of KCCMS. This subsequently resulted in good placement of students.

The college has experienced faculty members including a team of skilled professors with solid academic base. They all have strong industry experience. These professionals help students in all ways. They implements theory into practice easily. Apart from regular faculty, the college invites special guest lecturers too. These guest lecturers conduct classes at the campus where the college provides an environment for students to interact with the corporate professionals.

Besides academics, students are encouraged to take part in a number of management event/seminars and workshops. The college organizes workshops and seminars with the intention of providing students live experience. In the workshops, students are given insights on their job profile. The workshops offer students a platform to interact with people who have been working in the same field. The school also organizes management development programmes for external students. The list of faculty members is given below.

  • Bhatia V. K.
  • Adaniya Atul
  • Bhatt Sanjay
  • Bhatt Nishant
  • Butala Martha
  • Bhujang P. M.
  • Cabral D.
  • Chawre Kumud
  • Chandraghatgi Dayanand
  • D'Costa Margaret
  • Choughule S.
  • Deosthalee L.
  • Desai Abhay
  • D'Souza Prosper
  • Deosthalee P.
  • Deshpande H.
  • Deshpande P.
  • Gidwani N.
  • Gune Dinesh
  • Iyer Prasad
  • Gogte Pradeep
  • Iyer Jayram
  • Kadambi Sreedhar
  • Kamath V. P.
  • Jain Ritesh
  • Karmakar Anupam
  • Karandikar Mangesh
  • Kazi Ayub
  • Khatib Reshma
  • Khanapurkar R.
  • Kombrabail H.
  • Kokje Milind
  • Kotecha M.
  • Krishnamurthy R.
  • Kulkarni Ajay
  • Kulkarni Abhijeet
  • Kumar Vineet
  • Mathew Shobha
  • Mahale D. K.
  • Mawani Bhairavi
  • Mody Tapan
  • Mishra Seema
  • Mukundan Raj
  • Nadkarni Rajiv
  • Muralidharan V.
  • Narwekar Sanjeet
  • Nagrecha Himanshu
  • Nigam Sanjeev
  • Olav A.
  • Oza Hitesh
  • Oza Kunal
  • Pandit Niraj
  • Parekh Vijay
  • Parab Sachin
  • Patil Parag
  • Rajesh Bonnie
  • Prabhu Alka
  • Rao Jyothi
  • Rodrigues Randolph
  • Rao P. M.
  • Shah Gaurang
  • Rohra Draupadi
  • Shah Kaushal
  • Singh V. K.
  • Shah Samir
  • Sudhakar
  • Sumbramaniam V.
  • Sule Salil
  • Thomas F.
  • Thomas Rohina
  • Thomas Julia
  • Vispute N.
  • Tolani Kumar
  • Tripathi Saroj
  • Vanarase Rakesh
  • Tyagi B.

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