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Diploma in Retail Management

KC College of Management Studies offers a course in Retail Management. The academic eligibility criterion for this course is 10+2. The duration is six months and fee is Rs. 10, 200. KCCMS designed a course curriculum with the intention of providing students quality education in retail management. For students interested in retail management, KCCMS is a nice option to learn fundamentals of management.

Today, retail industry is a key sector in vibrant economy. The course facilitates students to create career advancement and learn basic of retail management. The course helps students to acquire the knowledge of retail management. KCCMS equips students with extensive training with the view of providing a strong business foundation. The institute caters to the increasing demand of retail industry by providing them skilled professionals.

The KCCMS lays emphasis on active learning and practical exercises. Students are given special training in advanced software application used in the retail industry. Students are given thorough understanding of Retail Visual Merchandising, Merchandise Buying, Retail Promotion and Branding, Retail Technology, International Marketing, etc. In this field, one should be good at communication. Students are given practical exercises in communication. The outline of course curriculum is given below.

Semester I

  • Retail Sales
  • Materials Management/Inventory Control
  • Retail Management

Semester II

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Basics of Financial Management
  • Communication skills

Career Opportunities
After completing this course, students get into the retail management field. They can enter many business organizations. Students can be entrepreneurs managing their own business or they can get good employment in any business organization. They work as:

  • Retail supervisors
  • Merchandisers
  • Visual merchandisers
  • Retail operations executives
  • Marketing executives
  • Retail business development executives

Diploma in Trading in Financial Management
KC College of Management Studies offers a Diploma in Trading in Financial Management. The academic eligibility criterion for this course is 10+2 and total fee is Rs 17, 200. The programme aims at imparting high standard education in financial management. For students interested in pursuing diploma in financial management, KCCMS is a wonderful option to learn fundamentals of this course.

The increasing number of organizations maximized the demand of financial management professionals. Thus, students having a solid diploma in financial management are in great demand. Years ago, when there was no specialization in financial management, people with commerce and economics background were employed for financial services. Today, many institutions offer courses in financial management, which shows the demand of skilled professionals in this field.

Semester I

Stock Market

  • Primary Market
  • Stock Exchange
  • Secondary Market
  • Investment Alternatives
  • Trading and Settlement

Security Analysis

  • Security Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis


  • Speculation, Heading and Arbitrage
  • Trading Strategies Using F and O
  • Basic Derivatives: Future and Options

Semester II

Money Market

  • Govt. Securities Market
  • Financial System
  • Call Money Market
  • Regulatory Framework
  • Mutual Fund

Commodity and Forex Markets

  • Trading in Commodities
  • Forex Market
  • Commodity Exchanges

Portfolio Management

  • Modern Portfolio Management
  • Inflation and Interest Rates
  • Time Value of Money

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