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Other Faculty

Shishir Joshi
Shishir Joshi was Group Editorial Director of the Mid-Day group of publications. This publication incorporated Mid-Day (Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Bangalore), Mid-Day, Gujarati, Sunday Mid-Day and Inquilab. Before joining Mid-Day, Mr. Joshi worked with TV Today Group as an executive editor. He was also editorial consultant for the Sahara Group where he helped to set up TV channels throughout India.

Mr. Shishir Joshi worked with NDTV too. He also worked with written for AFT and Reuters. He contributed to ITN-Channel 4 News (UK based). He has been South Africa Representative of Peter Arnett's Broadcast News Network - BNN TV. Mr. Shishir Joshi is co-founder of Journalism Mentor. He graduated in law. Mr. Shishir Joshi is one of the renowned persons in the realm of journalism.

Prasad Kathe
Prasad Kathe is the Chief Political Correspondent (CPC) with NDTV. He has more than 13 years of tremendous experience in journalism. He began his career in print and after two years moved to broadcast. He is Mumbai based journalist. Mr. Prasad Kathe dedicated his life to serving journalism.

Sevanti Ninan
Sevanti Ninan is versatile person who is associated with various aspects of journalism. She is an author, media critic and founder-editor of the media watchdog The Sevanti Ninan worked for the Indian Express and Hindustan Times for many years as reporter. Subsequently, she turned into a columnist and an author. She authored many books including:

  • Television and Change in India
  • Through the Magic Window
  • Headlines from the Heartland - Reinventing the Hindi Public Sphere

Sevanti Ninan contributed to Broadcasting Reform in India, ed. Monroe Price and Stefan Verhulst. She wrote a column on the media for The Hindu since 1991. She works for a Hindi newspaper, Hindustan, as a columnist. She launched a media watch website for the Media Foundation in Delhi. The website addresses various issues of media ethics, press freedom for community of journalist in India, professionalism, etc. Presently, she is research mentor for the programme.

Dilshad Master
Dilshad Master has more than 18 years experience in broadcasting. She worked with many television channels including:

  • Zee Cinema
  • National Geographic
  • UTV Movies
  • History Channel
She worked with NDTV during her tenure at STAR. She contributed to launching STAR News Channel in 1997. Dilshad Master launched The History Channel in a different format. She also launched National Geographic in new Hindi version. She contributed to launch UTV movies. She also launched UTV World Movies. She completed B.Com wherein she ranked first in Taxation paper.

Dilshad Master completed MA in Telecommunication Management form Michigan State University. Dilshad Master contributed a lot to journalism. She is one of the rare persons to have helped in launching various television channels.

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