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V Rajagopal
V Rajagopal is a historian of contemporary India. He writes, especially, about the cultural and social changes in south Indian society. He is a faculty in the University of Hyderabad at the Department of History. He teaches Masters level courses based on Indian Nationalism. After completing Economics from the University of Madras, he completed his masters in History. Subsequently, he completed M Phil in History from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. He worked with Indian express as a journalist for one year. Later on, he went back to academics and completed PhD. from the renowned University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mr. V Rajagopal published articles in prominent Indian history journals like Social History Review, Studies in History and Indian Economics. National History Centre, Washington DC conducted an international seminar on Decolonization where Mr. V Rajagopal was selected to attend the programme.

Krishna Prasad
Krishna Prasad is the editor of Outlook. He worked in the field of journalism for more than 22 years. He has extensive experience in journalism. He taught journalism in about three countries, worked for six publications, edited three books, worked in four cities, and published two blogs that are read widely. He has an honour of being appeared on The New York Times as 'One of India's Brightest Young Journalists'. Mr. Prasad was editor of the new-defunct broadsheet daily Vijay Times of The Times of India Group. He is famously known as one of two journalists who played a vital role in uncovering the match-fixing scandal.

Aloke Thakore
Aloke Thakore is a researcher, journalist and teacher. He has worked with television and print. A number of times, he has written columns, reported, anchored programmes, authored academic articles, coached in newsrooms, taught at colleges and universities. He contributed to launching magazines and newspapers as both management and editorial consultant.

He guided and trained a number of media professionals and journalists. He is a media leadership fellow of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies. He received PhD. in Mass Communication for the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He completed MS in journalism from the University of Kansas, AM in International Relations from the University of Chicago. Mr. Thakore is a co-founder of Journalism Mentor. His first degree was from Calcutta.

Mahesh Vijapurkar
Mahesh Vijapurkar has been associated with the field Journalism for over 30 years. He spent first three years at Indian Express and almost thirty years with The Hindu. He gave up his work responsibility as a Deputy Editor. Consequently, he retired and educated journalist into newsrooms with emphasis upon developing skills, managing sources, etc.

He taught journalism courses at various colleges. Presently, he is writing periodic column for Mr. Mahesh Vijapurkar facilitated to put together the Maharashtra Human Development Report, 2000 as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme.

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