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Swati Deshpande
Swati Deshpande is a Sr. Assistant Editor at the Times of India. She began her career as a trainee reporter with Mid-Day in 1995. Consequently, she got into Press Journals in 1996. She also worked with The Pioneer and Indian Express. In 1999, Swati Deshpande joined The Times of India. She worked there as a Sr. reporter then became a principal and finally special correspondent. She has basically specialized in legal issues and court cases. She has been working in the field of journalism where she covered a spectrum of subjects comprising of:

  • Health
  • Politics
  • Education
  • Housing
  • Entertainment
  • Infrastructure

Harini Calamur
Harini Calamur has been associated with film. Harini Calamur is a film producer and produced film Jhing Chik Jhing, which had received much admiration.

Rajas Kelkar
Rajas Kelkar with a Financial Times Group Company, Mergermarket. He worked there as an India Bureau Chief from 2005 to 2009. His responsibility was to set up the team of editors in India. He was a part of the Asia-Pacific editorial management team. He has tremendous experience in the field of business journalism. He worked for more than 15 years. Mr. Kelkar worked with Indian publications such as Business Standard, The Economic Times at many levels.

With the help of feature articles and news, he covered India's equity markets and business. The US State invited Mr. Kelkar under the prestigious 'International Visitors Leadership Programme'.

G G Wankhede
G G Wankhede is Prof. and chairperson, Centre for Studies in Sociology of Education and Liaison Offers, ST/SC Cell Department at TATA institute of Social Sciences. He has presided over many Govt. committees in the realm of education. He wrote a number of articles and books. He received Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Nagindas Sanghvi
Nagindas Sanghvi is a political commentator and an academic. He completed Masters Degree from the University of Mumbai in 1946. He taught in many colleges at undergraduate level. He also headed a Department of History and Politics. He dealt with a course in Govt. and politics in India for the students pursuing postgraduate at the University of Mumbai. In 1981, he retired. He wrote the most admired book, Gandhi-the Agony of Arrival: South Africa Years.

Krishna Warrier
Krishna Warrier started his career with Mid-Day as a trainee journalist. He was an Executive Editor. He helped to launch Mid-Day edition in Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. Presently, he is editor of Centre for Monitoring The Indian Economy, India's premier economic think tank. His interests are history, languages, classical music, table tennis, etc.

Krishna Warrier has extensive experience in journalism. He served his life to the same realm. He is widely regarded as one of the expert and talented journalists.

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