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Meena Gopal
Meena Gopal is a sr. lecturer at the Research Centre for Women's Studies, (SNDT) Women's University, Mumbai. She has been working at SNDT since 2000. Her previous training was at Madras University and then Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). She conducted a research there, which incorporated health and social sciences. Meena Gopal's academic interests are in

  • Public health
  • Labour studies
  • Women's studies
  • Issues around gender & sexuality in India

She has been associated with various Women's Rights Groups across the country such as Forum Against Oppression of Women (FAOW). FAOW is one of the premier and autonomous women's group rights. As a part of the programme of Fulbright Foundation Meena Gopal was a Visiting Scholar in Residence at Trinity College, Connecticut. Her thesis on Post-doctoral Research on Women's Labour has won her the fellowship of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teenmurti.

Sherwin Crasto
Sherwin Crasto is a photojournalist. He has been associated with journalism for more than 20 years. He worked with The Independent, Reuters, The Indian Post and Associated Press. Presently, he is working with DNA as a Photo Editor. He has tremendous experience in photojournalism. His lenses captured various unforgettable moments such as serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, killing fields in Afghanistan, cyclones in Orissa, earthquake in Gujarat, beauty pageants, cricket matches, etc.

Bertie D'Souza
Bertie D'Souza has been associated with the field of journalism for over 28 years. He worked as Chief Design Consultant of Economic Times, National Design Head, Times of India and Designer at Business India. In his design work, he looks for design tracts in all settings including urban and rural, voluntary and paid, etc. His design helps him to create globally competent work. Bertie D'Souza's aim is to produce and create new ideas and their actualization with efficiency and speed. Presently, he is Design Director of People India.

Sameer Deshpande
Sameer Deshpande is associated with the field of marketing for many years. He has been associated with social marketing, communication and social change. Sameer Deshpande worked in health communication and subsequently turned to social marketing. He completed Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He penned down various books and papers on the subject of social marketing. Presently, he is conducting research project on social marketing in the country. He is on the panel of Centre for Disease Control working as an expert. Lately, he wrote a book chapter for a book edited by Philip Kotler. He has an honour of being a speaker at the first World Social Marketing Conference.

Sameer Deshpande was a media planner in pre-academic days. He is one of the prominent persons in the realm of mass media. He understood very well that journalism and media play a catalyst role in the process of social reformation. Mr. Deshpande is an associate professor at the University of Lethbridge. Journalism Mentor has experience, highly qualified and dedicated faculty.

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