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Course Curriculum

This is a mentorship programme, which has two components; knowledge and skills. Skills include news gathering and reporting in any format for instance a news is the copy with graphic elements for copy editor, plain text for reporter, photographs for photojournalist, voice over sound for television journalist, layout for designer, etc. Thus, skill differs from medium to medium.

Knowledge refers to the why and what. These WH questions help to understand knowledge and information required to understand a particular story/event. Therefore, the mentorship programme teaches students the fundamentals of journalism. The programme helps students to understand the purpose behind journalism. The course includes knowledge module. This module includes:

  • Books
  • Scholarly articles
  • Debates
  • Book chapters
  • Proceedings
  • Economic history of India
  • Constitutional law
  • Consequentialist versus deontological views on ethics
  • Technology
  • Indian history

The skills module is designed and tailored to cater to the needs of students. It incorporates news gathering and news reporting. The module includes television anchoring, design, sports reporting and voice. Students are given ample exercises to develop their ability and skills. Students are taught writing strategies and developing stories. Every student is paid individual attention.

The course is a fine blending of theoretical and practical exercises. The course duration is twelve months, which is divided into four quarters. Each quarter carries is for three months. Students are expected to take four courses every quarter. Every course has three credits which mean class time duration is three hours a week for three months. Students are given extensive practical exercises to develop their knowledge. They are introduced to the history of journalism. They are taught economic history of India too.

Students are provided various scholarly articles. With the help of these articles, students update their knowledge and get in touch with the current scenario in their field. The institute organizes various activities to provide students learning exposure. Students are taught strategies of news reporting, newsgathering, media low, etc. Students aspiring to make a career in the field of mass media, Journalism Mentor is a very good place to learn the basics of journalism.

Quarter I
  • History of Journalism
  • Imagining India I
  • Living India I
  • Reporting I
Quarter II
  • Media Law
  • Imagining India II
  • Living India II
  • Reporting II
Quarter III
  • Media Ethics
  • Research Methods
  • Reporting III
  • Editing I (Print & Web)
  • Photojournalism I
  • Print Design I
  • Broadcasting I
  • Narrative Writing I
  • Compulsory
Quarter IV
  • Media and Society
  • Research Paper
  • Reporting IV
  • Editing II (Print & Web)
  • Photojournalism II
  • Print Design II
  • Broadcasting II
  • Narrative Writing II
  • Electives

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