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26/11 Eighteen: the book tribute
The shocking terror attack happened in Mumbai on 26/11. The first anniversary was commemorated across the country in 2009. The institute has maximized an excellent opportunity to students by offering them this anniversary programme. The programme helped them to develop skills by means of executing various activities like collecting data researching, reporting on the lives of the eighteen man who were martyred. It was a wonderful experience for students to work under the given deadline. Here, students needed to come up with narratives, which were fair and true.

The work by students is incorporated in a book, 26/11 Eighteen. Mr P Chidambaram, Union Home Minister, in the presence of Mr Ashok Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra, released this book. It was unforgettable and a moment of pride for students when they presented copies of the book to the families of slain officers. The book is available at all the prominent bookshops in cities. The proceeds from sale of the books are to be donated to the welfare of police department.

Policing the city
Students were given an innovative exercise to spend a day at various police stations in Mumbai. The aim of this exercise was to understand how the police department works. Students spent a day in a police station to understand the daily routine of a police in police station. Students observed how the police function comprised of activities like how complaints are registered and how they participate in a Naka-Bandi. Students also studied what circumstances police work in.

Breakfast with Prabhash Joshi - a Prominent Journalist
Prabhash Joshi had been associated with journalism. He was one of the prominent journalists in the country. He was a dynamic campaigner against paid journalism. He spent few hours with students of Journalism Mentor. Mr. Joshi interacted with students and shared his work experience. He discusses on subjects like importance of journalism, good journalist, the importance of cross checking facts, focusing on details, ethics and values. Mr. Joshi was the name widely taken with respect in the field of journalism.

Feeling the Newsroom
Students were given an excellent opportunity in form of trips to newsrooms of various media houses. These trips helped students to gain live experience of work. Students were given a thorough understanding on how newsrooms, programming and events take place. Senior programming heads and journalists guided students. Students visited the followings places.

  • Print (participated in the editorial meeting of the Mumbai Mirror)
  • Radio (Big FM)
  • Web (
  • Television (CNN-IBN-Lokmat)

Conflict Zone Visit
Students were offered a ten-day tour where they traveled to Vidarbha. Mr. Vivek Deshpande had undertaken the tour. He was designated to familiarize students with disagreement situation such as man and man, man and animal, sub-national conflict, state and non-state, etc. The tour covered more than 2, 500km including four districts Gadhchiroli, Nagpur, Wardha, Chandrapur. During the journey, students visited various important places with meticulous observation comprising:

  • Chandrapur
  • Tadoba
  • Gadhchiroli
  • Somnath
  • Menda Lekha
  • Hemalkasa
  • Sewagram
  • Shodhgram
  • Nagpur

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