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JGLS - Placement

After completing any course of professional education, students seek employment. And, if a university provides good placement, students get dragged for admission. It's true in case of JGLS. Jindal Global Law School has set up a Career Development and Placement Division to facilitate students with a large range of issues concerning career planning, internship for practical training and campus interview. excellent education has been reflecting through students' success as they are looking forward to getting attorney position in corporate houses, law firms and law practice in India and abroad too. Indeed, it's the fact that candidates proud of being JGLS students.

The international standard education, perspective and international exposure gives students courage and makes possible to grab the employment opportunity in leading law firms. JGLS has gargantuan network of lawyers and these lawyers are engaged in international law practice. They have been practicing for long time which has given them ample of experience helpful for them to guide JGLS students. There are various law firms which help JGLS in many ways. These law firms are:

  • Fox Mandal Little
  • Amarchand & Mangaldass
  • lAZB & Partners

Jindal Global Law School is being supported not only by Indian organizations but also by foreign leading law firms. JGLS has Committee of International Lawyers which is New York based. The committee includes practicing lawyers from various leading law firms across the globe. This committee helps JGLS to become international legal firm. Committee of International Lawyers (J-CIL) is established with the view of inculcating JGLS with international perspective on rising issues related to law.

The Committee of International Lawyers gives a hand to both JGLS and O.P. Jindal Global University by way of providing counseling for JGLS students. It helps students to be aware of global scenario and it also helps them to get good employment anywhere in the world. The committee consists of lawyers from diverse backgrounds. By organizing such kind of programmes, the law school meets international standard of learning. This is the reason every candidate tries to get admission at JGLS.

Since JGLS is placing its students at well-known organizations, the number of students seeking legal education has increased. The law school has maintained its standard by means of providing all required facilities to its students and after completing education, the most important thing is good employment. There is no doubt that JGLS is one of the best law schools in the country. It has been emerging to be a center of legal education, research, and above all an ideal law institution.

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