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JGLS - Law Library

Jindal Global Law School has a well-equipped law library. It has a good array of books, journals, periodicals, and magazines. The library has online resources and journals which published not only in India but also abroad. Theses online resources are made available with the purpose of providing comparative research and development in the field of legal education.

Since it's an era of globalization, research in legal education has got national and international dimensions. To facilitate students in their study, JGLS aims at building an inclusive collection of print and digital resources on South Asian, Indian, comparative and international law for both faculty and students. JGLS is going to launch an endowment campaign in near future. It is to build a global compilation including an ample range of international, comparative and Indian resources. In order to equip the library for outstanding teaching and research in its recent years, the law school is planning an amalgamation of core statutory and case materials, reference works and journals, online services and curriculum based acquisitions.

With the aim of making its global image, JGLS has joined the American Association of Law Libraries to get advantage from policy resources and keep members posted on current trends. JGLS is launching integrated online library systems as to make sure that materials are easy to get to. Mr. S. Blair Kauffman, Professor of Law at Yale Law School and Law Librarian, has guided JGLS in planning of integrated online library.

JGLS aims that every student should get ample of materials regarding their respective subject in the library. The managing committee of the library keeps everything in a fine way to find the required books, journal and periodicals etc. with no difficulty. The library is said to be one of the best resources; indeed, it's true in case of JGLS library. It fulfills almost all the necessary requirements of students. There are many institutions such as Lexis Nexis Butterworth's Wadhwa, Thompson West, Manupatra Eastern Book Company, Oxford University Press, etc. congregated with JGLS library authority as to learn about the vision and requirements of the law school and they have prepared proposals.

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