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JGLS - A Three-Year LL.B. Degree Programme

Candidates who are domicile of Haryana and have registered for the LSAT-India test for admission to JGLS are eligible to apply for the Govt. of Haryana fee concession as per the procedure mentioned below.

Candidates can obtain the prospectus and application form from JGLS website. The form is to be sent to all LSAT-India test registrants. Candidates who are domicile of Haryana should apply by submitting the duly completed application form on prescribed date with an essay containing 300 words along with required documents as mentioned on the application form. Once candidates are done with the submission, the selection procedure will proceed for admission. After the submission process, the Committee on Scholarship and Fellowships of JGLS shall assess the application materials and shortlist candidates for interview.

Once candidates are selected for the next round, they may have to appear for an interview which will be taken by the Committee on Scholarships and Fellowship of JGLS. Candidates are advised to be present on the time for interview, in case he/she is absent, then their candidature will be cancelled and the law school will not be responsible for the same. The Committee reserves all rights to select the students who are allowed to received the fee concession like 100 %, 50 % or 25 %.

A candidate will get the fee concession as per the rules of Government of Haryana. However, the fee concession is subject to: satisfactory progress in studies, a tuition fee is to be paid on the prescribed date and time, maintenance of good behaviour and conduct. The break up of total fee is as mentioned below.

  • Residence Hall and Dining Charges : Rs. 96, 000 per year
  • Tuition Fee : Rs. 6, 00, 000 per year
  • Students Must Budget About : Rs. 7, 00, 000 per year (and in addition, Rs.50, 000 fees for laptop).

    Concession for Students of Haryana

    Candidates who are domicile of Haryana shall be given concession by O.P. Jindal Global University as it is consented by the Government of Haryana. Candidates who got admission at JGLS and claims for concession shall have to prove eligibility by way of producing required documents at the time of admission. The break up of fee concession is as mentioned below.

    A minimum of 10 % of seats shall be reserved for students who are domicile of Haryana. The break up of fee concession for the 10 % of students who are domicile of Haryana is as given below.

    • 4% out of the 10% shall get 100% fee concession
    • 3% out of the 10% shall get 50% fee concession
    • The balance of the 3% shall get 25% fee concession.

    Note :

    It must be noted that fee concession applies to tuition fee only.

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