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Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing (PGDA & PR)

International School of Mass Media offers Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing. The duration of the course in one year that includes nine months of teaching along with training and remaining three months of internship. The course curriculum incorporates theoretical as well as practical exercises. The course is industry-oriented.

The objective of this course is to produce skilled professionals to serve the need of the industry. There is no communication education without studying public relation and advertising. Therefore, advertising and public relation are inseparable parts of mass communication. The course content helps students to build the fundamentals of these areas.

The mass school organizes workshops and seminars where working professionals are invited to interact with students. Besides extensive practical exercises, creativity in advertising and media planning, students are given exercises in content writing for efficient use of PR tools. In addition, event management forms an inseparable part of the PR course. Students are taught using teaching methods like case studies, near-life exposure, etc. The outline of the course curriculum is given below.

  • Paper - 1 Advertising Principles, Practices and Management
  • Paper - 2 Business Communications
  • Paper - 3 Public Relations - Principles, Scope & Function
  • Paper - 4 Corporate communication and specialized Public-Relations
  • Paper - 5 Media
  • Paper - 6 Principles of Marketing & Management
  • Paper - 7 Creativity Operations and Reproduction
  • Paper - 8 Advertising and Public-Relations Ethics and Codes of Law
  • Paper - 9 Production/Assignment (Advertising & Public-Relations)

Course Structure

Paper - I: Advertising Principles, Practices and Management
This paper focuses on the concepts and principles of advertising. The nature and scope of advertising is comprehended. Students are given practical exercises in the advanced tools used in advertising industry.

Nature and Scope of Advertising

  • Models of Communication
  • Introduction to the history of human communication
  • Definition, elements, concept, and functions of communication
  • Forms of Communication (group, interpersonal, non-verbal and body language)
  • Communication and Behavioural Science
  • Sociology of Communication and Socialization

Emerging trends in advertising

  • History of advertising
  • Scenario in the Indian environment
  • Growth and development of advertising
  • Prominent agencies in India and across the world

The Advertising Business

  • The communication process
  • How advertising works
  • The persuasion process
  • Structure and functioning of an advertising agency
  • Different professions in advertising consultancies
  • Accreditation and empanelling of agencies
  • Client agency relationship
  • Revenue and expenditure budgeting
  • Social/financial/ retail/cooperative advertising
  • Direct marketing
  • Understanding the consumer

Campaign Planning

  • Ad objectives
  • Strategy planning
  • Situational analysis
  • Creative and media strategy
  • Segmenting and targeting

Advertising Research

  • Media and market studies
  • Measuring ad effectiveness
  • Marketing and advertising research

Paper - II: Business Communication

  • Seminars
  • Definition of communication
  • Influence through communication
  • Group Dynamics
  • Communication barriers
  • Channels & media of communication
  • Business writing
  • Conferences and committees
  • Public speaking in business contexts
  • Communication networks - formal and informal
  • Business communication and effective communication

Paper - III: Public Relations - Principles, Scope & Function
For more information about course structure of this paper, please visit the school's website.

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