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Bachelor of Mass Communication

International School of Mass Communication offers Bachelor of Mass Communication. The course is designed and tailored with the intention of providing students quality education in the field of mass media. The course equips students with insights of mass communication. Mass communication is a broad term, which includes:

  • Radio & Television Journalism
  • Includes Print Journalism
  • Advertising & Public Relations

It was a time when there were very few options after completing 10+2 exam. Today, the scenario has totally been changed and one has multiple options to make a career and mass communication is one of them. Students can get into this field which will give them satisfaction along with good remuneration. Interested students can get into this field after completing their education in mass communication. Mass communication is the wonderful platform to carve career bright.

In our country, mass communication broadly comprises of print journalism, advertising and electronic journalism. Media offers an extensive spectrum of career choices starting from:

  • Radio
  • Magazine
  • Television
  • Newspapers
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Broadcast technology

After successful completion of the course, students get into mass media field easily. The outline of the course curriculum is given below.

Course Curriculum

BMC - First Year Course

  • P 1 - Introduction to Human Communication
  • P 2 - English and Hindi Language
  • P 3 - Basic Writing Skills
  • P 4 - Computer Applications
  • P 5 - Indian Government and Politics
  • P 6 - Newspaper Journalism

BMC - Second Year Course

  • P 1 - Introduction to Mass Communication
  • P 2 - News Writing
  • P 3 - Sociology and Psychology
  • P 4 - Political Science and Economics
  • P 5 - Radio and Television Journalism (Part-I)
  • P 6 - Assignment

BMC - Third Year Course

  • P 1 - Introduction to Journalism
  • P 2 - Editing
  • P 3 - Advertising and Public Relations
  • P 4 - Media Issues
  • P 5 - Radio and Television Journalism (Part-II)
  • P 6 - Assignment

The medium of instruction and examination will be English and Hindi. It must be noted that one paper of Hindi is compulsory in first year.

M.A in Mass Communication - (MMC)

The course curriculum for Master of Arts in Mass Communication is given below.

First year

Paper First

Introduction to Mass Communication

  • Mass Communication
  • Human Communication
  • Business Communication

    Paper Second

    • Advertising & Corporate Communication

    Paper Third

    Introduction to Journalism

    • Electronic Journalism
    • Print Journalism

    Paper Fourth

    • Advertising and Corporate Communication

    Paper Fifth

    Introduction to Electronic Media Journalism

    • Television Journalism
    • Radio Journalism
    • Cyber Journalism

    Paper Sixth

    • News Concept and Organization

    Paper Seventh

    • Production/Assignment Part - 1

    Second Year

    Paper First

    • Radio and Television Journalism Part - 2

    Paper Second

    • Media Production (Audio and Visual Production and Still Photography)

    Paper Third

    • Contemporary Issue and Media Laws

    Paper Fourth

    • Media Research

    Paper Fifth

    • Media Management

    Paper Sixth

    • Writing for Media

    Paper Seventh

    • Production/Assignment Part - 2

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