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ILS - Legal Aid Programme

The ILS Legal Aid Programmes has received grants from UGC, CILAS, Ford Foundation and State of Maharashtra. The programme was started in 1976. The legal aid cell is all set to give free legal advice and litigational help to those who are economically under privileged. The legal aid programmes is mandatory for every one. It works four days a week. Since it is a compulsory part of the curriculum of practical training, it comprises client interviews and pre-litigation preparation. Generally, the college legal aid centre starts its activities in August.

All students take part in the programme very actively. The students of five-year law programme and three year law programme are involved to perform the legal aid center's activities. They do it with a great interest. The legal aid center has alliance with many NGOs and voluntary organizations which are:

  • Ashtanokai
  • Deepgriha
  • TATA Motors
  • Rotary Club of Pune Central
The aid center organizes legal aid, legal literacy camps with the above organizations to make people aware of their legal rights and duties under many acts. As awareness is very important, the college puts makes sure it performs successfully. The teacher-in-charge guides the legal aid centre with help from other faculty members. As far as social work is concerned, the college has held 10 legal literacy workshops in this year. They are held at Deepgriha, Ashtanokai and Ranjangaon.

The college also its legal aid center at Market Yard, Pune. The center has completed three year project on 'Human Rights and Law: Awareness and Implementation'. It has been linked with School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and sponsored by the British Council, Mumbai. The programme comprises legal literacy camps for villages and Para legal training for social workers of many organizations such as Streetvani, Astanukai, K.E.M. Hospital, etc. Besides, the publication of legal literacy material on many legal issues such as succession, environment, jurisdiction of various courts, etc is being undertaken by the center.

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