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ILS - BSL LLB Programme

ILS - Courses Offered

A Five-Year Degree Course

The University of Pune (UoP) offers the Bachelor of Socio-Legal Science (B.S.L.) degree after the successful completion of the third year of the BSL. LLB. Programme. candidates are required to get at least 40 % marks in each paper and 40 % in aggregate for passing.

Eligibility Criteria :

  • The candidates must have passed the Higher Secondary School Certificate Exam that is 10+2 which is conducted by the Higher Secondary School Exam Board of the State of Maharashtra or any equivalent exam with at least 45 % marks in aggregate.

Course Structure :

The BSL LLB programme comprises 10 semesters and it is a full time course. The first two years include a pre-law course in which students is taught social-science subjects, they are:

  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Logic
  • History
  • English
  • History of Courts
  • Legal Language

The break up of BSL course as per the semester is given below.

First Year
Semester-I :

  • General English-I
  • History-II
  • Economics-III
Semester-II :
  • General English-II
  • Political Science-I
  • Sociology

Second Year :
Semester-III :

  • Contract-I
  • Political Science-II
  • Political Science-III
Semester-IV :
  • Contract-II
  • History-II
  • Legal Language

Third Year
Semester-V :

  • Family Law-I
  • Labour Law
  • Law of Crimes
  • Optional Paper (any one of given below)
      a. Trust Equity & Fiduciary Relationship
      b. Criminology & Penology
      c. Women and Law and Law relating to the child
      d. International Economics Law
Semester-VI :
  • Family Law-II
  • Professional Ethics
  • Constitutional Law
  • Low of Tort and Consumer Protection Act

Forth Year :
Semester-VII :

  • Law of Evidence
  • Environmental Law comprises of Law for Protection of Wild Life and other living creature including animal welfare
  • Human Rights and International Law
  • Arbitration, Concillation and Alternative Disputes Resolution Systems

Semester-VIII :
  • Property Law including Transfer of Property Act and Easement Act
  • Jurisprudence
  • Legal Aid
  • Optional Paper (any one of given below)
      a. Comparative Law
      b. Insurance Law
      c. Conflict of Law
      d. Intellectual Property Law

Fifth Year
Semester-IX :

  • Civil Procedure Code
  • Land Laws including Ceiling and other Local Laws
  • Interpretation of Statutes
  • Administrative Law
  • Practical Training Drafting, Pleading

Semester-X :

  • Code of Criminal Procedure
  • Company Law
  • Practical Training-Moot Courts
  • Optional Paper (any one of given below)
      a. Taxation
      b. Banking Law
      c. Investment & Securities
      d. Co-operative Law

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