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ILI CAT - Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Exam Pattern :

The exam comprises 3 parts. The first part bears 30 marks, the second part bears 60 marks and the third part bears 40 marks and the viva voce is of 20 marks. The first and second parts are objective type questions whereas the third part is subjective type of questions. There is negative marking of ľ marks for wrong answer. Syllabus of the exam is given as follows.

Syllabus :

Paper - I Jurisprudence

  1. Nature and Scope of Jurisprudence
    • The Ancient Indian Legal Thought
    • The Early Greek Theories
  2. School of Legal Theory
    • Positive - Hart, Kelsen, Austin
    • Early Theorists, its revival in the twentieth century, Natural Law
    • Sociological Jurisprudence and Sociology of Law
    • Historical and Anthropological School
    • Feminism Jurisprudence
    • Legal Realism
  3. Legal Concepts
    • Possession
    • Rights - Hohfeldian conceptions, legal, moral and human rights distinguished
    • Personality
    • Ownership
    • Theories of adjudication - role of judges in the judicial process - Lon Fullerís Speluncean Explorerís case, Hart-Dworkin debate

Paper - II Judicial Process

  • Independence of Judiciary
  • Hierarchy of Courts
  • Individual and the State
  • Doctrine of Stare Decisis
  • Interpretation of Constitution
  • Appointment of Judges
  • Judicial Reasoning
  • Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta of a case
  • Value Judgments in Law
  • Interpretation of Statutes

Paper - III Legal Research and Methodology

  • Legal Research and Law Reform - Recommendations of different Commissions and Committees, Role of Judges and Jurists
  • Legal Research in India - Its Evolution, Objectives & Contemporary Trends in Legal Research
  • Techniques of Legal Research - Identification of a Research Problem, Budgeting and Research Supervision, Formulation of a Research Proposal.
  • Different Kinds of Legal Research - Inter/Multidisciplinary, Doctrinal, Non-Doctrinal, etc.
  • Sources of Information in Legal Research - Primary and the Secondary sources of Information & Plagiarism as an Offence in Research.
  • Tools of Legal Research - Library: Books, Legislative Reports, Case Law Reports Encyclopedia, etc. Modern Technology: Internet, Computer, etc.
  • Law and Logic - Use of Induction and Deduction Methods in Research

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