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GNLU - Infrastructure

The university infrastructure comprises the library, hostel, reading hall, canteen, play ground, etc. Though the university does not have an eye-catching campus, it provides all the necessary requirements. The hostel is not adjacent to the college but at a distance from it. The university has made available a 'college bus' to travel from college to the hostel. As far as hostel facilities are concerned, it provides all daily needs such as newspaper, warm water, clean bathroom, toilet, etc.

GNLU library consists of several books on legal education. There is massive collection of journals, magazine, books and periodic. The students avail this facility to study and doctoral research as well. It also provides a computer lab where students can access information on law. They can do online research which will help to expand their knowledge. The students also use the computer to type necessary documents, they can avail of e-mailing, chatting, etc. The students are allowed to create their account on the social networking sites like facebook/orkut/hi5/likedin/twitter, etc. With the help of these social networking sites, they can be in touch with the scholars in their respective field. It also helps them to be aware of what is the global scenario of law.

If a candidate possesses a laptop he/she can access internet in the hostel as the net connectivity is available there. Students can browse online law report, legal journals and Manupatra free of cost. Students are permitted to use pen drives in the computer lab.

The university also provides a good canteen. The canteen is neat and clean and has fresh food and beverage. The students can avail foods like sandwiches, biscuits, etc free of the cost. But they need to pay for branded products. Everyday, breakfast, lunch are served in the college canteen and dinner in hostel. But on holidays, all kinds of foods served in the common mess and boy's mess. In addition, there is a well equipped gymnasium in the hostel. Besides, there is a television set for entertainment.

The new campus of the university is under construction at Koba comprising the college and hostel. The university pays due attention to its construction. The university pays special attention to the new construction and look forward that the infrastructure must be catchy, well built and above all should be comfortable for the students. GNLU looks forward to providing all kinds of facility in the new campus.

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