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GNLU - Career Opportunity

Students who have completed their degree are obliged to get a good job. Since the institute has a good reputation in law firms, students are easily placed. They do not need to take extra efforts. No sooner do they complete the degree than they get a good job. However, the institute does not give any written guarantee for placement. After completing their studies, most students wish to join the corporate world. On the contrary, there are some students who prefer to practice in court.

The door of opportunities is always open for the right candidates. They have the ability to enter any field they want. They can join civil services, Legal Process Outsource (LPO) and NGOs too. For students who wish to carve their future in the IT field, LPO is a good option. This is an upcoming and booming field and students will have the opportunity for a good career there. LPOs offer handsome salary to the right candidates.

students who have completed their study at GNLU and still wish to continue their education can do courses like CS and CA. After completing the degree course, many students have founded NGOs to serve the society for better. As Gujarat is a well industrialized state, there is no scarcity of jobs. A law student can get employment anywhere with no difficulty. The college also offers good internship to its students. These internships are:

  • Amnesty International
  • Human Rights Law Network
  • Amarchand Mangaldas
  • National Human Rights Commission

The above mentioned internships are not mandatory. However, a six-week internship in the month of November-December is obligatory. The internship is given as per the academic year which can be explained as follows.

  • First year students: In NGO
  • Second year students: Under Trial Court Advocate
  • Third year students: Under High Court Advocate
  • Forth year students: Under Supreme Court Advocate or in a law firm
  • Fifth year students: in MNC

There is also a Campus Recruitment Committee whose responsibility is to give employment to the students. students are required to submit a report of whatever they have done during the course of his/her internship. They also need to take confidential assessment of work which is done from the organization. There is an intern in the summer break too. Since it is not mandatory, they can intern if they wish to.

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