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    The course is of a five-year duration Integrated Law Course which leads to a BLS LL.B. Degree. The initial two years comprises four semesters which include a 'Pre-Law' programme. The students who are studying the course will be entitled to Bachelor of Legal Science (BLS) Degree. They will be awarded the LL.B. Degree after successful completion of a five-year programme.

LL.B. Degree :

    The course is for three-years and leads to LL.B. Degree. It comprises 6 semesters. The students will have an option to go for LL.B. (General) Degree but after completion of the second year if they do not wish to practice as Advocate. The students will be awarded with LL.B. Degree only after completion of this three year course.

LL.M. :

    The LL.M. degree provides a platform where students will have an opportunity to study their realm of interest. It also enables them to cultivate their interest in many branches of law which they have been taught in the LL.B. programme. The course is of two year duration. It consists of 11 groups of which students are allowed to choose any of the two groups. In this group, each paper bears 100 marks.

Security Law :

    The Government Law College offers one-year postgraduate diploma programme in Security Law with the intention of providing legal education in the field of capital market. The syllabus of Security Law Course comprises the growing importance of India's capital markets.

The candidates can get admission directly to the courses as mentioned above and there is no entrance exam at all. However, there is a cut-off percentage for admission. After successful completion of any of the degree as mentioned above, the students will have lots of opportunities to make their career in the field of law.

Contact Details:

    The Government Law College
    'A' Road, Churchgate,
    Mumbai 400 020
    Tel. 91-22-22041707
    Fax: +91-22-22851315

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