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FTII - Scholarship

The Film and Television Institute of India offers scholarship. There are a limited number of scholarships to deserving candidates in the One Year Certificate Course in Television and Three Year Diploma Courses in Film and Television. There are two ways of awarding scholarship, at the beginning of the academic year and at the end of the year respectively. Students will be awarded with the scholarship at the beginning of the year based totally on their performance at the time of admission. The scholarship awarded at the end of the year is fully based on studentsí performance in annual exam in practical, projects and theory. other scholarships are awarded by various states to the students who belong to their trusts. Apart from this, some of the production houses have offered scholarship to worthy students. These scholarships are:

  • Inlaks Scholarship
  • Fire Works Production Scholarship
  • Kodak Cinematography Award
  • Phalke Memorial Honour
  • Kaife Azmi Scholarship
  • Jagdish Batra Memorial Scholarship
  • Baburao Patel Scholarship
  • Kumudini Ranade Memorial Scholarship
  • K. A. Abbas Memorial Scholarship/Prize
  • Vidhu Vinod Chopra Scholarship
  • Kamalkar Scholarship
  • Nandini Sanyal Memorial scholarship
  • Dolby Scholarship
  • Bachchan Patra Scholarship
  • Prabhat Best Director Award
  • Renu Saluja Scholarship
  • Krishna Gopal Scholarship
  • V G Damle Sound Recording Award

Guftagoo and Dhaara

The Film and Television Institute of India organizes Dhaara and Guftagoo programmes. Dhaara is cultural programme whereas Guftagoo is a series of seminars and discussions. Knowing the demand and need from students, upcoming filmmakers have to be aware about cinema and various genres of literature, art, aesthetic problems and issues of the society. A number of prominent artists have performed their art in the above said programmes including:

  • Asad Ali Khan
  • Shafqat Ali Khan
  • Prahlad Singh Tipania
  • Pandit Ronu Mujumdar
  • Biswajit Ray Choudhary
  • Rahim Fahimuddin Khan Dagar

The Film and Television Institute of India is a member of the International Liasion Center of Cinema and TV Schools (CILECT). The CILECT is well recognized organization in the field of film and television to which all prominent film and television schools across the world are affiliated. The Director of FTII, Pankaj Rag has attended the yearly CILECT meeting held at Beijing Film Academy last year in the month of November. The Loksabha has a programme called Fist Cut. The Loksabha television has taken an initiative to telecast FTII student films on its respective channel. In the last year, there were 15 Diploma Films being telecast on Loksabha TV under the programme First Cut. a few student films are sent to Loksabha TV which will be telecast soon.

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