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FTII - Infrastructure

The Film and Television Institute of India has a good campus. Itís well equipped with advanced equipments. For studentsí convenience, he/she is asked to start work with low-end equipment. After some amount of months, they get to use advanced equipment by individual practical and demonstration. FTII has two film studio floors, studio first and second. The film institute has equipments including:

  • Video cameras from the low-end to the high-end digital models
  • 4 Nos. of 16 mm cameras
  • 4 Nos. of 35 mm cameras for the purpose of shooting film
  • FTII provides HMI type of lights which are used routinely

FTII provides ample facilities for video editing programme. The film institute has a good collection of Steenboks and Moviolas. for the video editing programme, there are facilities from low-end to high-end models. There is also non-linear editing system at another level. The Film and Television Institute of India has well equipped Sound Department. The sound department consists of nagras, a special sound studio dubbing with facilities like rock-n-roll projection. Lately, the department has the Harrison audio mixing console as well.

As far as television facilities are concerned, FTII has two television studios named studio first and studio second. Some of the significant facilities housed in the television studio are:

  • Computer-driven martin special effect
  • Follow sports
  • Motorized lighting systems

The Film and Television Institute of India has standard studio, which is fixed with digital broadcast quality camera chain. The accessories include computer-driven tele-prompt and multilingual character generators (CGs). The film institute also has Ultimate Chrome-keyer for television wing.

The film institute has well designed Graphic Department. The graphic department is well developed and set to offer inputs. To make the working easier, the department has acquired 02 Silicon Graphic facilities. Lately, the film institute has opened a computer laboratory. The laboratory is equipped with internet connectivity. Students have access to book, journals, magazine film, video library, etc.

The FTII has a good library. The library is spacious and has excellent array of books. The collection consists of books on television, film, fine arts, theatre, literature and so forth. The film institute makes available various technical and general periodicals published in India and abroad as well. FTII has not only a film but also a video library. The library is well recognized. It has collection of all genres of films and videos. Since the library has rich collection, it comprises films and videos from across the globe.

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