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Visualization to Set Illustration

One can communicate abstract and concrete ideas through visual imagery. In film and television, the process of visualization begins with the already build up script. The final image is chosen only after assessing various image options. A blueprint of film is totally based on the selected option. Finally, the selected look will be developed carefully to create the final project.


Every good production design involves various personal skills. The responsibility of an artisan in film and television industry is to create a well-designed set. It is skill of an artisan to create a set, which suits to the scene. Therefore, a job of craftsman is important. It's very essential that every crew member ought to contribute in producing the final look of a film. The film crew consists of:

  • Director
  • Producer
  • Script writer
  • Production assistance
  • Hairdresser
  • Set director
  • Make-up artists
  • Art finisher
  • Costumer designer
  • Camera operator
  • Film editor
  • Sound designer
  • Music director

The crewmembers as mentioned above are responsible for final look of a film. They play a key role in making a final project.

Financial Aspects of Production Design

To make a good film in low budget is one of the skills of a producer. Since budget is the important factor in making the film, a producer has to keep in mind total budget of a film and then work on towards producing final print. A good producer always estimates budget of film and then starts working on it. In case, production of a film started and there is not enough budget, then the producer is the only person responsible for incomplete project. Thus, it's very essential to estimate the budget and then begin production. Digital Academy students are taught how to optimize costs. Students are also taught while optimizing cost of film, they ensure that quality of film should not be compromised.

Design for Film and Television

Generally, film and television are meant for entertainment. However, both differ in some respects. As far as content and style are concerned, film and TV medium are somewhat different from each other. To talk about television, sort deadlines and daily telecast dates pose limitation. On the contrary, in film one has liberty, as there is deadline. Digital Academy students are taught about the difference between both, film and television. Digital Academy offers a well built curriculum for students. With the help of practical demonstrations, students will be able to do well in their respective field. The film course consists of:

  • Script breakdown practical exercises
  • Individual 3D scale model making
  • Guided tours to the art houses or prop shops
  • Direct participation in presentation practical
  • Guided tours to an actual set
  • Attending craftsmen workshops
  • Complete set illustration practical exercises
  • Complete analysis of a film from the piece of Production design
  • Exposure to the various world films from the piece of Production design
  • No previous experience needed but a Fine art/Interior design/ Architecture background is a condition.

Digital Academy students can efficiently craft the look of film, events, TV projects, etc.


The prescribed curriculum is subject to change.

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