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Understanding Screenplay Structure

Digital Academy put emphasis on empowering producers with the knowledge of film aesthetics. If producers do not take right decision at the right time, they may face difficulty in their respective business. Every film production has a story to tell that is why it begins with a story script. Digital Academy offers practical demonstration on scriptwriting. Every student is required to take scriptwriting class, to help them write effectively. A good producer will accept a well-written story. The film school covers screenplay-writing topics ranging from classic to contemporary including:

  • Resolution and climax
  • Lacing it with characters
  • Creating conflict
  • Finding the premise

Writing the Business Plan

Every business needs good planning to achieve its goals. Furthermore, a good businessperson knows how to achieve targeted goals. It is one of the skills of businessperson to earn back invested money. In business, things to be taken into account are the cost of project, profit and risk areas. Digital Academy-The Film School teaches students some business tips. Students are taught how to make presentation and accurate business plans.

Film analysis

There are certain principles to be followed by a screenplay writer. Once students have understood the principle of writing, they will be taught deciphering film scripts. A good producer always takes an idea, completes it successfully, and then goes for another idea. However, recognizing the appealing idea is the first step towards film analysis. This idea comes only when a film analyzed successfully. Students are taught how to analyze a film. They are given practical demonstration to enhance analytical skills. A good producer always finds the analytical skills of scriptwriter and then hires.

Project Building

Filmmaking is a work of film crewmembers. No film can be made in isolation. Every great film is a result of teamwork. It is producer's responsibility to hire best people and interact with them to make creative work done. The job of producer includes:

  • To produce structure of a film
  • To create right organization
  • To assign responsibilities
  • To set time line for technical workflow

Digital Academy-The Film School provides ample information on project building. It also focuses on managerial features of a producer's job. The film school follows principle of business management. It teaches students how to build a good project.


Since preproduction is a vital part of any project, a producer has to be aware of how to deal with it. A good producer makes skeleton of crew and then allocates work to concerned person hired by him/her. In preproduction, a producer visualizes nature of film, budget, size of crew, etc before executing the final project. A producer involves in:

  • Casting
  • Scheduling
  • Selecting location
  • Shooting scene
  • Taking permission from required departments

It can be said that a producer is the only person responsible for whatever happens in the film. Therefore, the job of producer is challengeable. Digital Academy - The Film School provides all required materials like templates and charts to focus all the aspects of preproduction. Students are taught how to prepare for preproduction. The film school provides practical exercises on preproduction to enhance students skills required for filmmaking.

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