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Special Effects Orientation- SFX1

It is an animation course. The duration of Special Effects Orientation course is 4 months. The classes are held trice a week.

Instruction Module

In this course students are taught basic principles of visual effects, computer graphic and animation. Digital Academy provides all software required for making and animation film. After completing the course each student needs to carry a domo reel of his/her work. Students are given practical exercises to enhance basic skills required for animation. They are provided with ample material to develop content for:

  • Television
  • Film
  • Music videos
  • Architectural walkthroughs
  • Games

Digital Academy provides all learning needs to students including software like 3D Max and Photoshop. Special Effects Orientation course is designed with the aim of producing skilled professionals for the entertainment industry. The outlines of Special Effects Orientation course is given as follows.

  • Designing
  • Basics of Photoshop
  • Camera
  • Modeling
  • Storyboarding
  • Rendering methods
  • Lighting
  • Scene creation
  • Texturing
  • SFX's use in cinema
  • Animation
  • Production techniques


High end modelling of Organic and Inorganic characters

  • Students will be given assignments on creating organic and inorganic models.


  • In this project, students have to deal with textures. Texture helps students to develop characters and given them realist feel.


    • In the project, students are given assignments to experiment with various forms of lighting. It is done to match different environment scenes with lighting effects.


    • In these projects, students have to give a frame to the structure. They are also asked to give the lever to grip the character.

    Animation and Dynamics

    In this project, students are asked to work on the animation process of transformation of objects based on time. The process includes rotation, size and movement. Students have also deal with two and four legged characters to work on:

    • Emotion
    • Walk cycle
    • Poses
    • Run cycle
    • Jump cycle
    • Expression

    Lastly, students work on the fundamental movements, light movements, camera movements, etc. For Dynamic, students accomplish fire effects, blast effects, object simulation and so forth.

    Production techniques

    • In this project, the intention is given on time. Here, students will cope with different types of workflow channel to optimize rendering and production time.

    Final project:

    Lastly, students should to submit final project. The final project is based on the combination of all above-mentioned projects. Students are asked to complete the demo reel by combining all the projects.

    Visual Special Effects - SFX2

    This is the second mainstream animation course. The duration of Visual Special Effects course is 4 months. The classes are held thrice a week.

    Instruction Module

    The course is designed with the purpose of enhancing students' skills set in producing visual effects and enhancement for film and television. Digital Academy puts emphasis on teaching digital software used in animation filmmaking. The Academy not only gives theoretical subjects knowledge but also offers demonstrations on a number of aspects including colour theory, composition and chroma lighting. Upon completing the course, students are allowed to carry a demo reel of their projects. Digital Academy offers training to students with advanced tools used in animation like Adobe After Effects and Combustion. Visual Special Effects course structure includes:

    • Composition
    • Tracking
    • Colour fundamentals
    • Basics of design
    • Colour correction
    • Animation
    • Masking
    • Wire removal
    • Framing and composition
    • Chroma and luma keying
    • Deep Paint 3D for advanced texturing
    • Titling for Film and Television
    • Fundamentals of music and rhythm
    • Hands-on training on Chroma lighting
    • Advanced image editing with Photoshop

    Final project

    The final project comprises Chroma shoot where Merging and Assimilation of scenes involved.

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