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Sound Theory

Sound theory entails the study of audio with its physical factors and sensitivity to human ear.. Digital Academy offers a sound theory course. The course encompasses information on the fundamentals of sound, features of human ear, ability of ear to change a physical happening to sensory.
Digital Academy takes extensive practical demonstrations on the subject of sound theory. Students are taught about various basic characteristics of waveform. This waveform includes:

  • Frequency
  • Amplitude
  • Wavelength
  • Acoustic envelope
  • Velocity
  • Harmonic content
  • Phase

Teachers of Digital Academy make the class interesting by giving various practical exercises on the topic and they explain the relationship between above mentioned parameters. Furthermore, students are taught psychoacoustics. psychoacoustics means human perception and interpretation of a variety of sound and sounds sources.

Audio Post-Production

Generally, Audio Postproduction refers to audio coordinated with video. The postproduction deals with cinema, commercials programmes, television, etc. Since creators have felt the need of quality production audio, the idea of post-production is formulated to make recording easy. Students, in this module, are taught about the application of Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR). In this module, students will learn about how to replace the studio recorded with original production dialogues and match it with the video. Students are given training on creating sound effects, which are parts of sound designing for video. Besides training, students are taught about voiceover of video and addition of music.

Basic Electronics

Basic electronics is one of the most important aspects in the field of audio engineering. The information on basic electronics helps students to record smoothly. Students are taught about recording and mixing music. The information about basic electronics facilitates students to chase a signal and find faults with sound recording. The basic electronics course provides ample knowledge about basic electronic devices including:

  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Transducers
  • Inductors

The course provides information on functions of above said devices in an electronic circuit. The course also incorporates information about the protection of electronic gadgets. Students are taught about the basic hardware called 'know-how' which consists of soldering electronics connectors, cables, joints, etc.

Final Practical Project

Once students are done with practical exercises, they are given an opportunity to observe and take part in Real World workplace settings. Students need to record a band and mix songs to generate a production where he/she can use practical exercises as a portfolio. Digital Academy is the right place where students can use his/her talent in organizing bands and enthusiastically participate in studio discussion. Lastly, students are given practical test based on their performance in the submitted project. The practical project provides an opportunity to students to hone basic skills required in sound recording. The practical project helps students to judge their weakness and strength.

Digital Academy organizes guest lectures where prominent film celebrities are invited. Students are given live experience practices. The film academy has dedicated and experienced faculty. The Digital Academy Student offers every possible help to students to make them good sound engineer. The academy offers well built curriculum, however, it is subject to change.

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